Sunday, March 30, 2008

Annoying Family

Today Jimbo's Mom celebrated her 60th birthday with a party at Aunt Joanne's. When we arrived we knew who was there by the cars. We got out of the van and walked inside but made our way to the back sliding doors since everyone appeared to be outside flying kites.

I grabbed Annabel close in my arms and opened the door as Logan, Jimbo
, Vincent and Arwen headed out to greet Jimbo's Mom. I noticed Lori sitting in a chair, reading the paper.

I've written about Lori before and her husband Jay. Jay is the asshole who treated my daughter like shit after her birth.
As I watched Jimbo and the kids I noticed Jay and Lori's youngest child, 18 month old Caleb, wandering to the side of the house. He was alone. Meanwhile Lori still had her nose in the paper and Jay is out shooting the shit with his Father. I glance around and see their oldest son JayJay (yes, son and father share the same name) sitting under the tree.

"CALEB!" I turn my head toward the voice, it's Jade (who is 11). I see her running toward him as now he is completely out of eye range. "Get back Caleb!"

"Thanks Jade!" Lori says, glancing up. "I was about to get up in a minute."

She turns back to her paper and leaves Jade to babysit her son. Jade brings him to the screened in area and goes back outside. I watch as he toddles toward the concrete stairs. I hope he doesn't fall and hurt himself but I refuse to be her childcare. I have my own children to care for. I sigh and walk away as this is nothing new.

When it's time to start the party homemade sloppy joes are up first and I'm making the plates for the kids, Aunt Joanne is helping. I see Jay carrying Caleb toward us but don't pay him much attention. "What is it?" Jay says to Caleb really loud. "You want you GRANDMA??? Huh? Do you? You want your Grandma??" It's obvious he wants Joanne to take the baby. Meanwhile we continue running around the kitchen trying to get things ready. Jay does this several more times before he gets the hint that Joanne is busy and sulks off.

I get the plates done and sit the kids down.
"Oh, JayJay won't eat unhealthy food!" Lori exclaims! She rushes into the kitchen. "Joanne, do you mind if I horde some of your baby carrots? JayJay just loves them!" She grabs 3 of them out of the bag and makes the boy a plate consisting of 3 carrots and 1 piece of bread and sits it before him. As I'm bringing the plates to my children I finally sit down with them. We get halfway through when I notice JayJay hasn't touched his food, instead he's grabbing Arwen's chips off of her plate (so much for not eating unhealthy foods).

"LOOK! Watch me Arwen
!" he yells. He eats several chips and chews them before opening his mouth and showing everyone his chewed up food. While he does this his parents (who are sitting right beside him) say nothing.

"JayJay, eww, don't do that please." I say. Then when Arwen starts to mimic him Jimbo reprimands her, "we don't do that", he says and she stops.Time for cake arrives and I hand the camera to Arwen since she uses it at home and I trust her. JayJay attempts to snatch it from her and I tell him no, he cannot play with it. Instead of listening to me he continues to reach and nab. I tell him no several times. His parents hear me but say nothing. Instead they sit across from us eating. Finally I've had enough and tell him loudly to stop, that he cannot and will not use the camera.

After cake it's time for presents. When we finish I'm sitting at the table. Jimbo
has Annabel asleep in the living room. I'm talking to Mom and I decide to grab a sloppy joe. I sit down and I eat slowly as we talk. Suddenly Jay plops down his plate in front of him, across from me. Mom and I continue our discussion. Caleb toddles into the room and walks to his Father. He says, "Daddy" over and over and reaches his tiny arms up. He's invisible as Jay doesn't acknowledge him at all. Instead Jay finishes off his food and gets up.

I'm talking to Mom still when he returns. This time I see two very large 'lumps' that I'm sure consist of buns covered completely in sloppy joe
mix. Jay sits down and grabs his fork and proceeds to dig in. I look at my own food and push it away. I'm not so hungry anymore.

"Jay, I thought you were on a diet." Mom says.

"Not today," he says with a mouthful of food. I guess that's where JayJay learned his table etiquette.

I leave the table and go into the living room. Annabel is awake. I hold her as the children play with one another. They stop in front of us and Jade gently tackles them around the waist and pulls them to the floor. JayJay
wants in on the action and I watch in horror as he begins violently kicking. He almost kicks Jade in the face.

"Don't Kick!" I yell. He looks at me and goes back to playing. His Mother and Father are no where in sight.
A few minute pass and JayJay kicks again. Jimbo tells him to stop. Then Caleb falls backward and hits his face on Logan's back. He begins to cry. Still his Mother and Father are nowhere in sight. I look at his face and he's fine. They play some more.

The final straw is when JayJay begins slapping the children. I'm tired of telling this absolute brat what to do. He's not my child. I'm tired of his lazy ass parents who come to family get togethers and birthdays and leave it to the rest of us to babysit. I tell Jimbo after I nurse the baby it's time to go.

These two people piss me off so much. They are not the worst parents I've ever encountered but they are still very shitty. They do this every time we are around them. And their oldest son is going to have so many issues as he gets older. They do not control him or make him show any respect. He's already out of control and he's only 5 years old.

I'm sorry for the serious entry. I'm so pissed right now I can't see straight. Especially when Jay was bragging about winning a 25 dollar gift certificate to O'Charleys and a 25 dollar gift certificate to O'Charleys is what my Mom got for her birthday when she opened her card. Cheap tacky bastards.

I'll blog about better things soon, I promise.


JAMIE said...

I'm sorry that such a fun event was turned into something so frustrating.
It would of been nice if you guys could of gone there and visited with family and had a nice Sunday instead of having to deal with someone else's child.
Cheer up, it is over now :)

Lawfrog said...

That is horrible. I feel so sorry for those children. I have relatives who try to pawn their kids off on others too. It's annoying.

Oh, and feel free to blog whatever is on your mind. It helps to get it out.