Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick Update

I am not dead, even though you may think so. I've just been so busy I can't find time to do the simple things in life - like resting for more than 5 minute intervals.

The end of school means IEP meetings galore. Logan has to meet with Gleenwood for his new evaluation, that means more meetings. Vincent has meetings about his speech therapy. Arwen has meetings because she continues to get into trouble at school.

Then I have all of these doctors appointments (hyperthyroid again, blah), problems with the van (fixed), and all of the other stuff that comes in life.

Wanted to drop by and say hello. I've missed the blogosphere. I've missed reading about everyone. Hope you all are well. And I hope to be able to blog when this settles (school is over in one week and while I'm glad the meetings will end, it means it's me v/s 4 children - EEK!!)