Friday, February 29, 2008

Carpet Burn

Carpet burn sucks. But it sucks even more when it's to the head. This is what happens when your child won't stop jumping from the couch to the floor and trips over the cushion.

Poor Logan.

Taking Your Children out to Eat

Ok, I'm probably going to get massively flamed for this but I know other parents read this blog from time to time and I just have to ask: Do you take your children out to eat with you?

I've only done this a handful of times. Twice with Arwen and twice with Annabel. Each time my children were well behaved. Arwen got a bit excited but settled and colored with her crayons, ate her meal and followed with desert. With Annabel she sat in her booster while we ate. Afterward we tipped (10 dollars on a 35 dollar check, which is our norm) and went about her business.

But here's the thing. I read some restaurant blogs and I get the impression that servers dislike children. I'd truly hate to be tipping above and beyond to someone who sees me walk inside with my child and think to themselves, "great another brat".

I know some people don't mind their children, I've seen it myself. I've waited tables myself with obnoxious children. But not all children are terrible, some are respectful and deserve the opportunity to enjoy a day and meal out with their parents. Just like I'd hope not all servers get irritated when a family shows up to a meal, kids in tow.

So do you take your children out to eat from time to time? Or is it just me? And if so how do your children behave?

First Tooth!!

It's a big day here in the S house!! Miss Annabel is beginning to cut her very first tooth!! It's on the lower right side. You can't see it well enough to take a camera shot but it's there, you can feel it.

Moments likes these are so bittersweet, I know from here on in she's going to grow faster than I realize.

**again, I'm having issues with blogger, it will not load up pictures. Is anyone else having this same problem?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bye-Bye Anderson

Tomorrow begins the NFL free agency and Derek Anderson hasn't accepted the offer from the Brown's on the table. Personally I hope he goes elsewhere and the Brown's snag some draft picks. I'm ready for the Brady Quinn era to begin. I hope to see this team play to their full potential, we just need a few crucial spots filled, especially on the defensive line.

All I do know is I'm ready for the new season to start and I'm hoping it's Quinn walking out on the field. I can't wait!

What a DICK!

Grrr!!! I was reading a bit more about Mary Jo Eustace. I was interested in her memoir and found out about a entry in a book she wrote (of 21 stories of women experiencing the same thing). This part of it simply breaks my heart:


Now here he is, back. We’re on vacation and I’m wearing my bikini with saggy faded bottoms. I know something is wrong. “Have you met someone?” I ask. He nods yes. “Is it Tori Spelling?” He nods. “We’re soulmates,” he says. “She loves me unconditionally.”

“What conditions?” I scream. “You’ve only known each other three weeks.”

I look down at my baby daughter. “We just adopted a baby.” The phrase single mother pops up in my brain. I start to feel weightless as I cross the divide between together and alone.

“I’m not leaving the kids,” he says. “I’m leaving you.”


I'm a Dean hater, it's on.

Go complain somewhere else!

First the sweet. I was in the office, eating my lunch, when Vincent called to me.

"Momma!" followed by inaudible gabbing.

"What baby?" I asked and stood to greet him. He looked sadly up at me and reached out.

"Momma, I sick."

I touched his forehead and it was warm again, I took him to get Tylenol before I hugged him to me and sat down. I rubbed his back for a time before taking him upstairs to nap. I got his pillows fluffed, his covers ruffled and leaned in to kiss him. He looked up at me and grinned in spite of his illness.

"Thank you Mommy." I melted inside.

Now for the shit. I went to check in on Arwen, she was very hot to the touch so I got her Tylenol (it was time) and made her soup and crackers for lunch. When I arrived back to her room she didn't want to sit up, her eyes were red and blood shot. I managed to get her to eat her soup and when she was done I felt her head again. She was boiling!

I rushed to the cabinet and grabbed the thermometer. She was running 104.5 temp! I snatched her from the bed, threw off her clothes and my own and jumped into the tub. I quickly got her fever down again and called the doctor and in we went.

During our wait Arwen was pitiful. She alternated between laying in my arms and the chair. She kept asking to go home to bed or to "lay down please". It took awhile to get back, the office was pretty full. We finally got back after maybe 20 minutes and after the nurse got her vitals I cut off the light to allow her to rest.

When the doctor finally arrived he checked her out and said we had to run to the clinic down the road. They had ran out of flu tests and she needed it done. As I was grabbing my things I heard complaining. It seems other people in the waiting room were upset over the wait. I'm not sure but I think it might have been watching my severely ill child going back first that caused part of it. I told the nurse that a 104 fever should take priority over a sprain or shot and I'd march right on out there and let whoever know it if she wanted.

We left, I carried her into the center,got the test, test was clean (no Flu!) so we hurried to the pharmacy and grabbed Arwen's meds, then returned home. She is now snuggled into her bed again, temperature under control for now. Vincent is still running a temp but it is also being managed well with Tylenol and Motrin.

I'm putting the baby on lock down. No touching her without first washing hands! To take that even further I change my shirt each time to a clean one when I hold her against me.

Please god, don't let me catch this. Please.

Tacky Spelling

When Dean McDermott's ex-wife, Toronto TV personality Mary Jo Eustace decided to write a memoir of her life during and after the hell of divorce in the public eye, Tori Spelling lashed out saying:
"It's opportunistic and undignified that she would want to exploit her former marriage for monetary gain. We only wish her the very best."
Does anyone else but me find Tori Spelling's new tell-all book to be a bit hypocritical in light of that comment and also...well...tacky? I've never been a huge Tori fan, she always looked fake and plastic to me. Of course I heard about her here and there in the news, especially when she had an affair that ended her marriage and the marriage of her now husband (who left behind a wife of 12 years and 2 children, the youngest 10 months old at the time).
I thought she'd caused enough damage but I suppose she just loves throwing those punches. I was sickened to read her comments on her affair, waking up with Dean the next morning with zero regrets. She even mentions she was instantly attracted to Dean but saw his wedding ring and him showing pictures around of his children the day they met.
These two need to step out of the little bubble they are floating around in and think about those kids Dean decided to leave behind. I have zero respect for this man as a Father. Sure, I can buy he fell in love with another woman but his actions after the fact have made him look like a total asshole and dead beat. Why couldn't he have told his wife, made the transition easier for his children and not made comments to the press like:
"I've never had as much of a desire to get married and make a woman my wife as I've had with her. The feeling is overwhelming. We're soul mates."
What a gentleman! As for Tori, I hope she gets a taste of how it feels. I'd like to see Dean step out on her with someone else he falls in love with. Wouldn't that be poetic justice?
**My local DSL provider insists "nothing is wrong" with the service. Yet I can't upload pictures and the screen loads like it's on dial-up. Sorry too Erin, I had to completely re-do this entry because the fracking blogger is being annoying today and won't cooperate.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sickness and Testing

Jimbo has it, so does Arwen and Vincent. That means 1/2 of the house has the flu. We have fever, coughs, and upset tummies.

I hope I don't get this, I can't afford to. Not with Jimbo sick. Arwen has been in bed ALL day. In fact, she hasn't left her room other than to go to the bathroom (and she had an accident earlier, if that is any indication of how bad this is). Vincent isn't there yet but he has held a 101+ fever most of the day. Both are on tylenol every 4 hours and round the clock liquids.

I did manage to make it to see the Neuro today. It wasn't pleasant at all. They performed a Nerve Conduction Study on my left arm and leg. It lasted about 20 minutes and by the end I kept asking, "are you almost done??" I knew being shocked intentionally wouldn't be fun but I didn't realize just how painful it can become once done over and over and over...

Good news, the tests came back ok and I didn't have to have the Electromyography but I did have to have blood work done. She is afraid my hyperthyroidism has returned along with my B12 deficency. So after being shocked several times I then got stuck. Let's hope the blood results give some insight on why I've been ill.

I return in 8 weeks (if nothing shows on the blood work) and she also wants me to consider a biopsy on the tiny little lump in my neck (I've had it for years, it would just be to "be sure"). I'm trying to keep positive but it's becoming harder and harder.

I need a vacation...

House on Winchester Avenue

I had a nightmare today while I napped and after I woke it stayed with me. I figured I'd write it down and when I was finished (with the first part) I'd decided I'd share what I have so far...maybe the dream will leave and I won't have to finish the rest. I hate nightmares.

The House on Winchester Avenue

The furniture was still inside. That was the first thing that struck me as odd. As it stood the house was already a steal. With all the furnishings left behind we could possibly pay down the mortgage by half. As I walked past the living room into the hallway I couldn’t help but stare at the bedrooms, each lined on the right side of the hall, each with an empty doorframe. To the left were windows, one window to each space of wall opposite it. It was as if the windows offered each resident a teasing glimpse at the world right outside.

The bedrooms were equally odd. I took my place at the top master bedroom and looked down. It was like staring at one of those hidden image paintings, or being inside a hotel that had the shared doors between. All you had to do was stand at an angle to see directly down the three dimensional path into each room. Only in this house there were no doors to knock on, instead large framed entrances that had two long thin stairs leading you up or down to the next room. The first room was the master bedroom, done in biege, the second was done in mauve and the last in cream. I assumed the family before shared the home with children but I wasn’t sure. When I’d asked the realtor repeated her general response.

“I’m sorry, I was just given this estate.”

One thing remained the same throughout the home though, the furniture. The couches, love seats, lamps, beds, dressers, and televisions all sat as if the previous inhabitants never intended to leave. Even the kitchen was stocked with every appliance a person could want. I’d half expected the fridge to be stocked as well but was relieved to find it empty and clean.

“What are we going to do with all this furniture,” I asked myself. We could sell it I was certain. Some of the stuff looked vintage and the couch was leather. The bedroom furniture was also matching and looked equally intricate. One thing was certain, we couldn’t move in our new things until we moved out the old ones.

I finished off my first walk around our new home to turn off the lights and walked to my purse. I opened the flaps to reach inside for my keys when I paused. Didn’t I place my purse on the top of the bench? Why was it hanging from the coat rack? I slowly pulled the purse down and looked behind me. Maybe I was wrong but I could have sworn.

I quickly grabbed my jacket which lay as I’d left it and put it on before hurrying outside to the car. I climbed inside and started to pull out of the drive. I looked to make sure it was clear to back out and quickly glanced at the house. What I saw made me slam on my breaks and the hair on my nape rise and stand on edge.

Each window glowed from within from the lights turned on inside. But I turned off all the lights didn’t I?

That was my first introduction to the possibility something might be wrong with the house on Winchester Avenue, something very very wrong.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tending and Reading

Just a quick update in case anyone is wondering if I'm MIA for a couple of days. My husband has been ill since Friday with the Flu and boy has it been a bitch. He has a fever, cough, and weakness. I've been trying to keep the children (and myself) away from him as much as possible. It's not been fun.

Salvation delivered herself to me however because Kim Harrison's new book The Outlaw Demon Wails came out today! So I plan on immersing myself into her world as much as possible when I'm not tending the sick here at home.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Justice

My sister sent this photo and it breaks my heart. She's doing much better and hopefully will return home today if her fever doesn't return.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pet Peeve #333

One of my largest pet peeves belongs to my husband. He must eat first, ALWAYS. It doesn't matter if the kids need more to drink, if they want another serving, whatever. He always takes care of number uno.

Case in point. Tonight there are a few slices of pizza left from the Pizza Hut night. I make a slice for Vincent, one for Arwen and Logan asks for something else. This leaves 2 slices. I'm tempted to take them for myself but sit the box to the side. I'm not sure if the kids will ask for more.

Up the stairs comes Jimbo. He heads for the pizza box. I try to be nice but tell him not to eat yet, to wait and see if the kids want more. He tries to get the last pieces anyway, saying:

"They won't eat more."

I tell him nonetheless, to wait. He gets pissy and huffs off.

"I've only had one thing to eat all day and I'm sick!" he yells as he storms away.

What a baby.

Dreams of Oscar

I always dreamed of becoming an actress. Perhaps not a "movie" one but definitely a theater or stage one. I loved doing The Merchant of Venice in college. I looked forward to the butterflies before walking out on the stage (even if I only had a few short lines as a serving wench, then a courier).

Alas, becoming this was never meant to be for me. Instead I was destined to be a Mother. I grabbed onto my destiny and took off for a bumpy but happy ride. I usually don't regret what might have been, except every Oscar Sunday. I always sit glued to the screen as I watch the stars walk the red carpet and think about what might have been.

I'm calling Ellen Page as the Best Actress (but I could be wrong here), and Daniel Day as Best Actor (come on, everyone knows this is a lock) but I'm not sure about directors or movies of the year. Who else out there is set to join me this evening in taking in the show?

Nine Inch Nails - Capital G (Music Video)

In light of the upcoming elections, I wanted to share this song. It just rings so true somehow.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Walk in Clinic Asshole

My sister is sick, so is my 6 week old niece. Hailey took her in yesterday when Justice spiked a 102 temp and the pediatrician advised her to. So they pack her up and rush her there. My sister during all of this is seriously dragging. She's in a great deal of pain, complaining of pressure in her cheek like she's been slapped.

They arrive and when they are taken back into a room a different doctor comes in. Hailey says he is very blunt and doesn't engage in friendly conversation. He grabs Justice and begins looking her over. He asks the usual questions and then Hailey informs him she is breastfeeding.

"You need to stop that, you're the reason she is sick you know." He tells her.


I'm so angry when I hear this. I ask where the clinic is and who she saw. I'm thinking over my options right now. What kind of doctor tells a Mother who's child is very ill that:

A. It's her fault
B. It's her fault even more because she's breastfeeding

You have no idea how mad I am right now, I'm stewing. My sister was so upset she left the clinic and went to the ER. She met with the pediatrician who assured her that breastfeeding is the best thing to do for her baby and that she is NOT the reason (nor is her milk) that the baby got sick. He also got a doctor to check her out and she's suffering from a severe sinus infection.

Right now baby and Mom are doing ok. But Auntie over here is mad as hell. I'll blog more if I do make a call to the clinic.

Mom Confession of the Week

I still think if people want a good program for birth control, they should send sexually active teens to my home to visit for a week. They'll practice safe sex, I guarantee it.


When Bunny died a few months ago, I was sad. He was a cute bunny and friendly. I like to think he had a decent life. He ate, lived and played well during his time on this earth. I was also partially relieved at his passing. I have enough going on right now and rabbit just added to it.

Then this last weekend my Mother in law took Arwen to buy another rabbit. She didn't ask for my OK beforehand but when she called to ask for the indoor rabbit cage I figured she'd just decided to buy the rabbit for Arwen to keep at her home, which was fine by me.

So Sunday she brings my daughter back, along with the rabbit cage and rabbit sitting inside. I didn't know what to say but I wasn't thrilled. I figured Jimbo must have given the clear for the pet and I'd talk to him about it later. Only when I talked to him, he didn't get asked about it either. Instead she decided on her own to purchase a critter that would live in our home until the spring arrives and rabbit can live safely in the weather outside...and until then I have another little mouth to feed, clean and care for.

It's rather frustrating for me. I already have enough going on without this added chore. It's not that I dislike animals but I'd like to make the decision to bring one into my home that I'm responsible for. I don't like having it thrust upon me. Today while cleaning the cage and changing the towel (to keep it from staining my carpet) I had to stifle some inner anger about it. I have two bathtubs to scrub and floors to vacuum but first I have to clean this stinky rabbits cage before my daughter's room smells like rabbit pee and poo.

Thanks Mom.

AMV - FF7AC - Chop Suey

Based off one of the most popular games in history, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children is one of my favorite movies.

I'm a self confessed metal head and System of a Down is a favorite. My children don't get to hear much of this music but Arwen has heard the song Chop Suey often, mostly because she took a liking to the beat and requested each time we got into the car to "please listen to my song".

I'm sure it's not a positive reflection of myself as a parent but she loves this song and this movie. Thus this AMV is a favorite she asks to watch each day at some point.

I just figured I'd share, although if you haven't played the game/watched the movie you'll probably scratch your head. If not (and you are a fan of either) enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am Obsessed!

I'm generally not much of a fashionista. I've never "got" into clothes, accessories, or purses. But recently I can't stop putting together outfits in my mind, or wanting new things to explore and push my personal style. I've stopped going out in jeans and t's and sneakers. It's rather liberating and fun but boy is it expensive. So I try to find inventive ways to get that look without spending the cash. Which means I usually shop the online sales (or in store sales) to see what I can find *cough*ebay*cough.

My obsession recently is the outfit above worn by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. I'm not sure exactly why I love this look so much but I drool each time I see it. I've been looking for a similar tunic (no luck yet) but the first thing I'm after is a pair of shorts. If you click
HERE you can see other pictures to show you kind of what I mean. I have a few sweater/dresses that are too short to wear alone but if I got my hands on these shorts I'd solve that problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? Photo credit - I'm Not

Good Place

Erin did a post not too long ago about funny things we see (and pictures). I'd said I had my very own to blog but I kept forgetting my camera when I'd go out.

Not today!

This sign cracks me up. It's in front of a car shop and I get the giggles each time I drive by it.

What I See

Some random pictures I took today on my trip to pick up Vincent from school. I plan on hitting up our city soon. We have houses from the 1800's there (and a graveyard that is even older). I also spared you the pictures of the many broken down trailers. Redneckville runs a huge gambit of wealth and poverty.


As promised, my own picture. Isn't it lovely?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's the deal with Lindsay?

Now I realize that by making this entry, I'm feeding into the beast that is Lindsay Lohan. But I have to ask, what is it with this girl? I've seen her movies and I don't find her exceptional as actresses go. She's not anything to make a huge fuss over, not in my opinion. So why is she hounded and followed and put on the covers of the spamazines?

Today I read about her posing to recreate Marilyn Monroe's legendary last photo shoot. My first question was...why??

Lindsay will never be anything like Marilyn. Oh sure, she's got the party hard lifestyle down but as far as that "thing" Marilyn had, Lindsay just doesn't. I could sit and watch a movie in awe when Ms. Monroe took the screen. There was just something about her. And I'm pretty sure each year young fans get a taste of Marilyn and they too are hooked.

Can you honestly say that about Ms. Lohan? I wish they'd taken the time and money (and talent of the photographer) and had used a better person to capture the essence of Marilyn. Could you imagine how beautiful these pictures would have been if they'd asked Kate Winslet??

Get a Job

As I changed Vincent a common thought crossed my mind. The one thing I will not miss when my children are grown is staring at tiny little bums while doing a diaper change (I'm trying not to make anyone I'll keep it PG). As gross as it is, it's just a part of being a Mom, just like everything else in my too full days.

No matter how much I get done in a day, there is still more to finish tomorrow. I'm constantly struggling to keep laundry done, food cooked and children clean. I have beds to make, dishes to wash and floors to sweep/mop or vacume. It's tiring, endless and at times can be downright depressing.

The reason I'm blogging about this I suppose is I'm still peeved we didn't get to claim Arwen's school on our taxes. Why you ask?

Because I don't work and to claim the money we spent each parent has to have "gainful employment" that is least "part-time".

You see, for all I do each and everyday, I don't have a "job". Nope. At least not one the government recognizes. This is what is wrong with our country. While I realize there are people that abuse the system, I am not one of them. I get up each morning and see 2 of my children off to school (on Tuesday and Thursday I see 3, one off 1/2 the day for speech). I then spend the morning doing chores, taking care of bills or making appointments. I rush to shower to pick up my youngest or if he doesn't have speech that day, we spend the time rotating from various things around the house. When Logan gets home I begin the evening task or preparing dinner, setting the table and then Jimbo and Arwen arrive and we all eat.

After this begins the baths, the grooming, then homework. Then we do family time before putting the children to bed. Afterward I pick up what I might have missed or am trying to catch up only to start all over the next day. Just throw in grocery shopping every other week, trips to the Doctor for the children or myself and it's a non-stop life. And I don't get paid vacations or sick days. If I get sick, bully for me.

And this is a good day I'm describing. I'm not telling you about the days when 1 or more of the children are ill, so am I. The bills are behind, the house is destroyed, the car isn't running, the children are fighting, my daughter is in trouble for this or that reason, the baby is cranky, Logan's asthma is in full swing, Vincent is whiny and I've had exactly 4 hours of sleep the night before. I can't even begin to tell you about the days that just make me crawl into a dark corner a hide until my husband arrives home to shelter my mental health.

So yeah, technically, I don't have a job. At least not one that pays in cash. But I'm building the future of our country, shouldn't that count for something? Hell, I'd just settle for claiming my daughter's school on my taxes.

Autism Awareness Bracelet!!

I've finally found my bracelet! I've looked for a very long time to find just the right piece of jewelery in support for Logan. I've seen the plastic (will still have this for those busy days at the park!) and enjoy them but I needed something more dressy, more elegant. I wanted something I could wear for trips to Hell-Mart or to dinner if I wanted.

I found out about Christine's jewelery from Will's page. She also makes lovely neuroblastoma awareness bracelets just for Will. But the autism is a cause dear and near to my heart. Unfortunately, I had to delay in ordering but I did contact her and she was so sweet and so patient. I was so pleased to email her and get the money out so I could finally have a bracelet of my own.

The colors represent the rainbow, as Autism comes in many varying degrees. The puzzle piece is the symbol most associated with autism now. I plan on having Logan's name engraved on the back this weekend. I can and will wear this everywhere, thank you Christine!!!

If you're looking for a awareness bracelet, please see her website, HERE. She also makes other very lovely things you might love and I promise you this, they are more breathtaking in person! And best of all? A portion from each bracelet goes to the charity each represents!

**I took the picture above directly from Christine's site. I will be posting my very own pictures this afternoon. My PC has to be rebooted in order for me to download and I've already written this entry out. So photo credit to Christi's Creations Handcrafted Jewelery.


You are a gift. I never could have known the enormous piece of me that was missing...until you came into my life. You make me a better person and remind me of exactly why I'm so lucky.

You're 7 months old today, I'm so excited to watch as you continue to become the little person I adore.


So I went to the doctor, I had some x-rays. He did some tests. And the verdict is in:

Carpal Tunnel - this is why my hand is achy, weak and numb/tingly. Treatment = wrist brace at night and possible physical therapy.

Sciatica - this is what is wrong with my leg and foot. I'm going to have to kind of "wait and see" on this but at least I'm not worried this is something serious now.

Talk about feeling so old before your time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another sleepless Night

I'm becoming seriously annoyed with my health issues. It seems like I get one thing somewhat sorted out and another thing pops up to take it's place. This time it's a strange thing that's going on with my left leg.

After I gave birth to Annabel I noticed something odd. My left foot felt weird, a tingly sensation off and on. Even worse was touching my foot. Each time I reach down to rub or scratch it feels like when my arm or legs have fallen asleep. You know that strange achy tingle?

When I saw my Dr. I told him about this but he was more concerned with my other issues at the time. Since then I've noticed the tingling but have shrugged it off, until now. Two weeks ago I started having a dull ache that runs from my thigh down to my foot. It occurs mostly after I've been standing for a while (and I don't wear dress shoes). Then I began having episodes where I'd get leg cramps in my calf and foot during the night (like right now). These cramps wake me up and I can't sleep until they subside or go away.

I'm calling the Doc this morning and hopefully I can get to the bottom of this as well. I'm praying it's nothing serious as it's been ongoing for a while now. Hopefully it's a result of the epidural. I've had tingling in my left hand too, so that's what I think anyhow.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dancing with the Gutt!!

I blogged about Steve a long while back. I've always harbored a strange crush on him. Now I can see how well he's aged because he's going to be on Dancing with the freaking stars!!

I know I said no more after Sabrina and Mark were eliminated but this time around I'm not voting or watching, other than to see the Gutt in action.

I'm so excited,I know, it's sad.

Yoga-ta Get this Blue!

This one's for you Erin!! I didn't go over my entire stash but I don't think I need to. I own a lot of blue polish and I think this one is my favorite. It's a deep, rich blue but when you hop into the sunlight it pops with a beautiful blue shimmer.

So if you want a pretty blue, here it is! It's from the OPI India Collection and it's name is Yoga-ta get this Blue. It's a heck of alot cheaper that that Chanel (and prettier too). You can get it online or at your local Trade Secret store in the mall.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's about time!! I've waited patiently for an aqua polish and finally China Glaze has delivered! Not only that but they've made this beauty in a HOLO!!! I'm a holo whore (truth be told) and when I saw this I couldn't wait to get my fingers on it (pun intended).

It took a month or so of waiting until I could make the purchase (I also nabbed a couple of others, a deep purple holo called LOL and a soft violet holo called 2nite) but I'm so glad I did. The collection from China Glaze is called the OMG collection. Check it out! They have other colors I hope to get in the future.

Picture above is taken in artificial lighting, picture below is in natural.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mini Tarzan


I sighed when I heard another bang from upstairs. I pushed back my chair and stood to make my way to the top floor. Arwen looked up at me and grinned, knowing what was coming to her brothers. I heard her stand as she got up to follow me.

I quietly walked up the first and second set of stairs. By now I could hear the noise much more clearly. It was obvious they were having a good time.

I grasped the door handle and quickly pushed it open, my mouth wide ready to yell out, "Get in bed!" when it happened.

Vincent plunged from Logan's bed and took flight. His entire body seemed to float as he flew from Logans mattress toward his own. In that moment I pictured a monkey plunging from tree to tree in a forest, just like my own little mini Tarzan. His aim was perfect and as he landed he quickly grabbed the covers and threw them on top of his body before resting back on his pillow.

As mad as I wanted to be at having to tell them to go to nap again, I had to bite my cheek to stop from laughing. It was the funniest thing I've seen all week.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Surprise!

I never expect to get anything but I was super happy and surprised to get these gifts from my husband. To the left you'll see the first gift. I'd seen this purse well over 6 months ago and drooled profusely over it. I'd decided it was too much to spend on a purse though and moved on. My husband has a very good memory. I tried to contain myself and refrain from dancing around the room.

Which leads me to my next gift. Jimbo has known I've wanted a pair of biker boots for the longest time. I currently have a pair of knee high boots (black leather ones) but they are tight to my calf and I can't wear jeans tucked inside. So he found these for me.

He topped all of this off with Fudgey Nut Rasberry Brownies. I made sure to give him his candy (chocolate covered cherries) before he left for work but somehow I think the present he has coming to him this evening will make him happiest of all.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Gone Baby Gone Aftermath

Talk about a movie you just can't shake. There was so much I wanted to say about this movie but don't want to ruin it for those who haven't experienced it just yet. So I won't speak of the movie, only of the aspect that forms the basis of the story.

A girl goes missing. Who has her? Is she safe? Is she even alive? Is she being molested? You just don't know and probably never will. This is the reason I fear each and everyday for my own children. I worry about them so very much and my heart skips a beat each morning as I kiss them and tell them I will see them after school.

The truth is, none of our children are safe. There are people in this world that feel no remorse, only a perverse need they must release and a child is their vessel. The things that some children experience in their final moments of life at the hands of a pedophile...there just are no words to describe how upset this makes me, how wrong this is. I remember being 6 years old and hearing about Adam Walsh. That was my introduction to the vile people that inhabit this world and I've never forgotten, never. I vividly recall hearing about his headless body being found. I listened to my Mother fight back tears as she clutched me tightly to her chest and I can still feel her arms around me, even now.

And because of this, I live each day in fear. I hawk eye my children. I don't allow them to sleepover at friends houses nor do I allow them to stay at home without a family member babysitter (aka my Mom, Sister or Mother in Law). I refuse to take that risk, I couldn't enjoy my time out anyway if I worried about my children.

We need more stern laws in place for child abuse, all forms of it. Children are the most precious commodity we have, we should make every effort to protect it.

I'm sorry for the weird and emotional post. This movie just really touched me and even hours later I cannot shake from my mind. For some reason I keep thinking that losing a child is bad enough but losing a child to a violent crime...the guilt, the anger, the desperation...I can't even imagine.

Gone Baby Gone

I watched this movie last night and recommend you rent it yourself if you get the chance. It's an emotional roller coaster. I found my opinions on things are not as concrete as I once believed.

There is one scene I kind of wish I didn't see. I can't tell you what it is without ruining the movie but I'll say you'll know the scene of which I speak when you watch yourself.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mom Confession of the Week

I often experience brain farts when trying to come up with a weekly Mom confession.

It's Always Something...

Today I decided to get out of the house. I got myself and Annabel ready and after we picked Vincent up from school we went shopping. Thanks to Erin, I knew Old Navy was having a sell and we ended up spending all of our time there.

I manged to get the boys a few things but the main reason for the trip was for Annabel. I picked out several things just for her, including a couple of dresses and a T-Shirt I saw online but was sold out (and I wanted so badly, pictured above).

Afterward I took the kids to McD's and got two happy meals (one for Vince, one for me). Sadly the lid to my coke was loose and it flew off as I grabbed the cup, so my entire shirt and pants were drenched in coke. After that we pretty much hauled ass home to change. Oh well, at least this time all I have to do is change myself and put my clothes into the washer. That I can handle!

Going back to bed

The kids are on the way to school and Annabel is asleep in bed. After yesterday I deserve to relax and am off to join her.

I'll blog later on if I get the chance.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm becoming my Mother

The last few weeks it's been terrible. First it was throwing toys all over the basement, then it was pulling each and every DVD down from the shelves, then it was spraying drinks all over the floors and walls.

Then this week while I was dressing to take Arwen to the doctor (I was in my own bathroom, right inside the room!) the boys got into my closet, pulled down all the clothes from their hangers, pulled out all the folded slacks and sweaters and threw them all over the closet floor. It took over an hour to organize again, even with Jimbo's help.
Then the very next day, they did the exact same to Arwen's closet, pulling down not only her clothes but her shoe boxes, toys and Annabel's things.

So today I should have known. I should have known my demon spawn would do something that would make me want to pull out my hair. And sure enough, they did. It was a beautiful day so I took them outside on the back deck of our home. They waited until I was nursing Annabel in the office so I wouldn't flash the neighbors, (they knew I could see part of the porch but not all of it).

The picture above is what greeted me when I was done nursing her. They have thrown all of their toys over the railing, again. (I know, it's not the first time, terrible isn't it?)

I'm gathering those toys and they are going in the garage for a month. I will no longer tolerate this from them. I've tried being nice. I've tried time outs. I've tried taking from them. I've tried yelling, I've tried talking, I've tried everything but down right busting some bums. I'm at the end of my rope. I cannot deal with this anymore. I truly believe something is wrong with my children. I've never met children who thrive so much on destruction. They do this each day with no remorse, no regret. They treat me like garbage and I'm not standing for it anymore.

Currently they are sitting on the couch. No television is on, no music, no toys or books in sight. Tonight they will not get to play around. Instead they will have a subdued night with a book reading before bedtime and little else. They are going to have to earn the right to play with toys and have a good time.

I'm going to do something I swore I never would. I'm going to become my Mother. I had a very healthy fear of my Mom and because of it I kept my ass in line. I knew what was coming to me if I didn't.
I've had enough.

**edit. I decided to throw all the toys away (with the exception of Arwen's things they grabbed)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dear Vinyl Siding Associates

Dear Vinyl Siding Associates,

I appreciate you taking the time to come out to my home to give me a free estimate. I realize that you lose out on time and gas costs to make the trip and I want to respect that. I've listened as you've given me estimates, fees, and other essential information, thank you.

But after an hour, I've grown tired of the same old thing over and over. Believe me, we heard the exact same drivel coming out of the last associate who came to visit with his 'quote'. Let me see if I have it covered:

We know you get what you pay for.

We know you are licensed and bonded and perform this service for thousands of people each year, without a upset consumer in sight.

We know you'll see if you can nip and tweak the costs here and there to get our business.

We've heard this from you, from others and I'm sure we will hear this again. But somehow you sitting at our table, repeating yourself over and over, trying to make a sale really makes me want to find another company to use.

I asked for a quote, not a sales person. And while I realize the two go somewhat hand in hand you are dealing with a person that hates solicitors in the worst way. Just because I've invited you into my home doesn't mean I've given you the right to treat me as if I'm stupid and must be told again and again why I should chose your company. So thank you for coming out. We'll get back to you in the event your quote is the best we receive and the options look good for us.

And for the associate who said, "if you go to car lot and only look at sticker costs on buying a car, you'll never walk out with a good one". This simply isn't true. This is exactly how we got our minivan. It's called doing research, making a budget and sticking to it. We like to plan ahead like that.


A Disgruntled Potential Client

Best Friends

Yesterday was my bi-weekly shopping excursion. On the list? A trip to the mall to get Arwen new shoes. I also decided to take her to Claire's for the first time, to allow her to find her own "style" and pick out some hair accessories and the like.

She got a basket and began making selections. She chose pink glasses, pink hair bands, pink crystal butterfly clip-on earrings (which are BEAUTIFUL!) before making her way to the keychains. She grabbed the pair that had Unicorns with worded hearts. One said the word "Best" while the other said "Friend".

"I want this Mommy! Can we get this please?"

I explained that the key chains were best friend ones and how that kind of stuff worked. As I explained this to her my mind drifted back, I remembered a time not so long ago I was with my best friend Kelly, in the same store, buying Best Friend necklaces that interlock together. We each wore the charms proudly around our necks for the world to see. My heart felt a pang of loss, as we don't speak often anymore.

"You can have this side Mom!" she pointed to the purple heart and unicorn. She smiled at me and reached her arms around my waist, giving a quick hug.

After we paid for our things and walked out of the store I reached for her hand. As we walked along together something profound hit me. For all the friends I no longer have, I do have one friend, a best friend. And she will never leave me. I squeezed my best friends hand gently and she gazed up at me and smiled.

I smiled back at my daughter as we rushed to the bungee ride and told myself, "it's so true, just as one door closes, another one opens..."

Friday, February 8, 2008

Questions for the Day

Each day I'm bombarded with numerous questions. Some of them are obvious, some easy, some so out of this world I have zero clue. I've decided to share with the blogosphere.

The obvious:

Why do you have to brush our hair?

The Easy:

What's That?

The Zero Clue:

Mom, why is that bad guy in the Swan Barbie movie so mean did someone hurt his princess?

There are also days when I'm stuck in the van with my dear sweet daughter for more than 30 minutes and during this time, I'm swamped. I literally blogged in my mind today as I drove and she questioned away.

Mom, have we been on this road before?

Mom, isn't that the big Peter Pan movie song? (upon hearing Clocks by Coldplay which is in the trailer to the Peter Pan movie, its a preview on a tape they watch)

Mom, I bet those people like driving on the road today, don't you?

Mom, can we stop and get ice cream?

Mom, why do we have to drive the Van? Why does Daddy drive the truck?

Mom, when do I get to sit in the front?

Mom, when we get home can I play my game?

Mom, do you think my brothers are in my room?

Mom, where is the office at, why can't you find it, why not? You don't know the way? You said we were going to be late right? Will they get mad at you for being late? Is this the building? Can we sit here?

And then...

Can I play with that toy? Why are there old people seeing my doctor Mom? Can I sit in the other chair? What's in your purse? Can Zoe stay the night? Ask if she can ok? Can she be there today when we get home? What is....

And even now it continues. It's so true what they say, little girls love to talk. But even more so, they LOVE to ask questions.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Powerful Photo

Sometimes tragedy, fear and choices we have to make are shared with the world via the power of camera.
The story that explains this photo can be found HERE.

Hidden Guilty Pleasure

The first time I saw Iron Chef I was visiting my Dad for the weekend. I remember asking my Dad, "what are you watching??" and ribbing him pretty hard for it. Nevertheless, I sat down and watched with him. I've been hooked ever since.

It's an acquired taste but I think people are drawn to the cheesy humor and layout of the show. Instead of subtitles the hosts and guests (and cooks, everyone but the chairman) are dubbed. This effect causes instant hilarity. My Dad and I got a kick from the off the wall comments, it cracked us up. Another aspect, at least for me and Dad, is watching in awe as people ate food that looked like waste. We'd try not to gag as the tasters got all excited about how delicious a dish was.

I recently tried to get into the new Iron Chef America and it's just not the same. I barely got through one episode. It lacks the charm of the original. But sometimes I get lucky and I catch an old episode on the tube. Even better is when I find one on Youtube I haven't seen yet.


School was delayed and Logan had a upset tummy so I just kept him home today. Then at lunch time I decided to make it fun by unpacking his lunch and sharing it with Vincent. It was a ton of fun and they really enjoyed themselves.

If only they could get along this well all of the time.


If there is one thing I hate about living in Redneckville, it's the damned tornado's.

Since I lived in a trailer in my early years any sort of tornado watch or warning meant time spent in a storm shelter, surrounded by bugs and a radio with the latest news. Some of my worst memories are of rushing out in the wind and rain to the car to rush to my Aunt's storm shelter down the road. We'd all mush into the enclosed area underground as the adults would walk to the door and look around outside. I always kept waiting to see a tornado up close but fortunately it never happened.

Last night we got lucky but others didn't fare so well. I'm watching the news now and if the destruction isn't bad enough, the lives lost are. Mother nature can be a evil bitch.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Turning your back may result in destruction...

I was reading Littlesunshines blog and she was remarking about her sons first black eye and how everything happens to us Moms when our backs are turned. Then Erin posted about Hailey and I just had to post the picture above.

This happened while I was in the bathroom. I was gone from the basement for maybe 3 minutes tops. I had Annabel with me (as always) and imagine my shock to see this when I returned to the play room.

All of those toys you see were collected and thrown into this enormous pile. And this is one of the most minor messes I've ever seen. I'm not even going to go into bodily injuries my children have incurred.

Keep Breathing - Help Find a Cure for Childhood Cancer

Susan shared this video on her blog (check my favorite links to find her, How can I keep from singing).

Every bit helps. Please support finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Did you?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ink Me!

I've been wanting another tattoo for a very long time. Problem is, I want the tattoo to represent the names of my children in some way.

At first I thought I'd have some sort of "name" bracelet done. Pretty much the names of each of my children done in cursive style writing around my wrist. But the more I thought about it the less I liked it and the idea became shelved.

Then today I came across the Phoenix to your right and I fell in love. Logans' middle name is Phoenix and it came from, you guessed it, the Phoenix who will rise from his own ashes to live again. I think I have one tattoo down.

Then I got to thinking.

Arwens' name (as I'm sure you've guessed) was taken from Tolkiens beloved Lord of the Rings books. The symbol represents the Evenstar pendant that Arwen wears and gives to Aragorn.

I thought about having this done as well but I'm still in thinking stages. The great thing about tattoos is you can always get them later, there is no need to rush. So I'll be taking my time on it. But I'm settled on the Phoenix, now I need to decide where to put it.

File this Under

Just file this under what happens when your child takes the recliner/rocker and jumps on the back of the head rest.

FYI, the corner of a recliner can and will pierce dry wall. Just in case you were wondering...

Twistable Crayons

Here comes shameless advertising (without the check made out to yours truly sadly).

This is the best invention EVER. These crayons last and last, don't leave wrappers laying about and are sturdy enough to withstand being stepped on. I swear by them and they are absolutely worth the extra cash.

I'd never seen them before until this year. If you color at home with your children (or if you know a kiddo who enjoys to color) consider picking up a box. You won't regret it.


For the first time in my life I didn't have a team to root for this year. This isn't because I dislike the Giants nor the Patriots but instead stems from the fact I cannot stand either quarterback: Eli Manning or Tom Brady.

I couldn't decide who I wanted to lose more so I cheered on whenever any sack was made and booed all touchdown passes. I cheered for both teams and against both teams and at the end when the Giants won I felt strangely let down and furious.

It is without a doubt the worst Superbowl of my life. I hope next year marks a return to enjoying this yearly celebration. Just god please no more Eli or Tom. Especially Eli. Anyone remember the hissy fit he threw when he was drafted by the Chargers? He made my children look good. What a pansy.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sarah Silverman

This is one of the most funny things I've seen all week. If you watch Jimmy Kimmel like I do you know all about the 'war' between these too.

Warning, tons of bleeping going on, so no children in the room when watching!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another sick news story

I've been loosely following THIS story. It is just too much for me at times to even think about. I hope the baby didn't suffer but I'm sure she did. Being cooked in a microwave and dying hours later cannot be pleasant.

This is the reason I stay at home. This is why I've never had anyone babysit that wasn't my own Mother, Sister, or Mother in law (or Aunt on a few occassions). I fear too much for my children. The world isn't the place it used to be. You cannot even trust Mothers with their own children anymore.

I hope this woman burns. I think we are too lax on people that commit crimes such as these. Things like this occur too often, to too many children. Now don't misunderstand me. I realize that in some circumstances women are mentally ill. For them I feel sorrow but I can't impart total blame. If you've ever read Are you Home Alone about Andrea Yates you'll see what I mean. Sometimes people don't heed the warning signs and in those situations I blame the support system *cough*her husband*cough.

The more I see things like this the more I really am considering adoption in the future. I know my children drive me batty from time to time but they also fill me with more gratification than any well paying job ever could. Just knowing I could take a child from a potentially dangerous environment, show him or her endless love and devotion. That I could become a Mother to a child that desperately needs it. How can I not consider taking that step?

In the meantime, there are more children than my loving arms could ever take in and that breaks my heart. Children are so innocent, how can a person harm one. I just don't understand and I'm glad I don't.

(note, the picture above was taken from HERE. The image really touched me. It is Children adopted with mental illness caused by the time they spent in the orphanageYedioth Achronot 2006)