Saturday, February 23, 2008


When Bunny died a few months ago, I was sad. He was a cute bunny and friendly. I like to think he had a decent life. He ate, lived and played well during his time on this earth. I was also partially relieved at his passing. I have enough going on right now and rabbit just added to it.

Then this last weekend my Mother in law took Arwen to buy another rabbit. She didn't ask for my OK beforehand but when she called to ask for the indoor rabbit cage I figured she'd just decided to buy the rabbit for Arwen to keep at her home, which was fine by me.

So Sunday she brings my daughter back, along with the rabbit cage and rabbit sitting inside. I didn't know what to say but I wasn't thrilled. I figured Jimbo must have given the clear for the pet and I'd talk to him about it later. Only when I talked to him, he didn't get asked about it either. Instead she decided on her own to purchase a critter that would live in our home until the spring arrives and rabbit can live safely in the weather outside...and until then I have another little mouth to feed, clean and care for.

It's rather frustrating for me. I already have enough going on without this added chore. It's not that I dislike animals but I'd like to make the decision to bring one into my home that I'm responsible for. I don't like having it thrust upon me. Today while cleaning the cage and changing the towel (to keep it from staining my carpet) I had to stifle some inner anger about it. I have two bathtubs to scrub and floors to vacuum but first I have to clean this stinky rabbits cage before my daughter's room smells like rabbit pee and poo.

Thanks Mom.


Tania said...

I'm sorry! I'd be plenty annoyed too! Deciding on a pet is a big decision and you weren't a part of it. So now your daughter can't have the bunny taken away from her. =(

Erin said...

She probably assumed since you had one before you wouldn't care, but that doesn't excuse the fact that she should have asked you first regardless of whether or not she was replacing a pet that had passed on. I would be ticked. I like animals but not in my home. I love my cat dearly but HATE HATE HATE her litter box, HATE her throwing up on my carpets, HATE her hair all over everything. I've already warned my mom that it'll be a very long time before we get another cat (if ever) after Zoe passes away. It's such a tough's not like you can get rid of the bunny now, your daughter's attached to it. Hopefully Spring will come soon!

Katherine said...

I'm so suspicious by nature, I'd have said something like "Why?" or "Sure, you can have the indoor cage, we're not planning on having an indoor rabbit anytime soon"

I firmly believe that pets are not gifts. At least not surprise gifts! Maybe a beta if you also give the full set up, but even that's questionable! Except of course parents giving to underage children in their care, of course!