Thursday, November 27, 2008

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

I LOVE this song! It's not Thanksgiving related but...well it's a good tune anyway! Happy Turkey Day!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Vincent - *Screams loudly and Wails in the other room*

Me - What is GOING ON??!!? *rushes into the playroom to see Vincent on the floor, sobbing*

Me - What's wrong Vincent?

Vincent - Logan hit me!!!

Me - Logan! *narrowing my eyes at him in warning* Don't hit!

Logan - *stares up at me with a confounded expression*

Arwen - Logan didn't hit him! Vincent was lying!

Another impending Thanksgiving at the Saare household - who wants to come join us??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Techno Viking vs. Feindflug

Give it until 1:02 and prepare to - well prepare to something, I laughed personally, it's so unexpected!!

Another Day, Another Appointment

I went to the Neuro yesterday - there is a LOT going on with my head and neck. The last few weeks it's gotten so bad I barely sleep or function anymore. This time around I was placed on a steroid regimen, a daily muscle relaxer (I do not like these things at ALL) and pain medication (as needed only). They are giving it two weeks and if it doesn't work, I have the go ahead for the nerve block (I would prefer to try this but she keeps putting it off).

Which brings me to the TMI session of my blog. Please stop here if discussion of a sexual nature embarrasses you...

Okay so who's heard of a Coital Headache? I didn't know such a thing existed...until I thought my head was bursting because of an brain anuerism following a make-out session with the hubs. I brought up my little problem with my doctor (blushing profusely all the while) and found out about these little gems. Talk about a literal "I can't honey, I'll get a headache". Sheesh!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I can only blame myself for the things I'm about to bitch about, after all, I chose to go see the first showing of Twilight in my area at 11:59pm last night. The minute we arrived and picked our tickets up from the little machine (thank goodness for pre-ordering) I knew we were in trouble. The lot was full and tween's were EVERYWHERE.

Before I start, let me say, I enjoyed the movie. However, as far as films go - it's pretty weak. That's not saying I didn't like it, I did. The problem is, as my dear husband pointed out after I asked how he liked it - "uh, well - it's just a vampire love story. It's okay." Sometimes things just don't translate all that well to the screen (so the lion fell in love with the lamb - favorite line in the story, it made me cringe in the movie). Oh - Robert Pattinson is amazing here, he did an incredible job portraying Edward. It's too bad he's just become the poster boy for Bop magazine!

So without further ado, here is a rundown of what it's like to see Twilight at the first showing, among tweens that should be home in bed.

We get there and immediately notice the 'I Heart Edward' t-shirts, Bella and Edward Forever! stickers on shirts (worn by 20 year old young men no less) and people carrying copies of their Twilight books in hand. We wait to get into the last theater, watching in awe at the number of 8-10 year olds accompanying their very responsible parents, eventually getting our seats and settling in. I should also mention the very smart adolescent males out in force, attending in groups of 3-4, attempting to flesh them out some horny teenage girls looking for a real life Edward (sorry guys, hate to break it to you - you ain't him and you never will be to these girls!)

We arrived early and during that hour we are subjected to a contest for Twilight buttons and pictures, during which time tweens lose their shit, screeching and fighting over pieces of metal and paper. Camera's came out, pictures were snapped left and right, the blubber and hubbub was incredible. People bickered over who was hotter, Edward or Jacob and girl's acted in the exact ways I hated in high school. (I just know I'm going to be cursed and Arwen or Annabel will act like a total airhead, saying things like "I'm totally hyped up dude!")

Eventually the dust settled and the movie started and things got really good!

The very second Edward glides into the background of the screen, the girls started to squeal, swooning so loudly Jimbo looks over at me with wide eyes screaming OMGWTF! (okay he didn't look exactly like that, more like 'are you serious?!') This continues for the rest of the show. Edward could have farted and the girls would faint (not joking either) and when he's around Bella, saying such sweet nothings, I heard many a virgins lose their proverbial cherry.

This morning I woke up tired (getting to bed at 2:45) and my first thought was - how many school absences are going to get marked down this morning and how many parents will lie for their children (and themselves) when the school calls to say Sue or Johnny didn't make it in to school this morning? My second thought was - I have to do this all over again since my Mother-in-Law wants to see it as well and I promised to go back with her.

Hopefully if we wait a week it won't be so bad - right? Who am I kidding, this ship is going down Titanic style. Complete with Leo worshipers and their Mothers. Bah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interesting Words

Do you ever come across a saying, word or phrase that tickles you silly? Maybe I'm just weird (read that to mean too damned BORED) and I find humor in the most minuscule of things - but I still want to share. Without further ado:

My word of the week is - scuzzlenut.

Last weeks expression that I couldn't let go of? The one bestowed upon my by my loving scuzzlenut husband after I chewed into the sales person at AT&T - "Go-go Gadget Bitch!"

Keeping it in Perspective

On days like today, when my children are at their worst and I want to crawl back in bed indefinitely, I remind myself of how lucky I am.

My cousin Lee is a 28 year old guy, nice as he can be, always willing to help lend a hand or offer a friendly ear. He's had a hard life, starting from birth. His Mother decided it would be okay to drink while he was in her womb and he suffered horribly after he came into the world. And the cruelest thing is now, years later, her choices are doing him in yet again.

His heart is failing. His young body is slipping away. And he's trying to be strong and sustain himself on his faith. But he's going to die and he knows it. It's only a matter of time and he's hoping it's later rather than sooner.

So in spite of the head lice, bickering children and chores that never end - I will be grateful. If today were your last day, would you really want to spend it being petty or cold hearted?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feels Loved

Tania and Lawfrog nominated tagged me. I feel loved and I wanted to say I love you back to both of them!

1. Where is your cell phone? Charging

2. Where is your significant other? In the next room, on the phone, he's worse than a woman, I'm not kidding!

3. Your hair color? It was blond until I started coloring it 10 years ago, I have no clue what color it is now.

4. Your mother? Says "Know what I'm sayin?" too much

5. Your father? The first love of my life

6. Your favorite thing? Blessed Quiet

7. Your dream last night? Bah! I had one but now it's a big blank!

8. Your dream/goal? To survive past the teenage years with my brood

9. The room you're in? Office

10. Your hobby? Writing

11. Your fear? Losing my family

12. Where do you want to be in six years? If things stay like this (minus the lice!) I'll be happy!

13. Where were you last night? The Ponderosa

14. What you're not? A sugar coater

15. One of your wish list items? An Ipod - I know, I'm thinking BIG!

16. Where you grew up? Alabama

17. The last thing you did? Took a shower

18. What are you wearing? flannel pants and a t-shirt that says "Knocked up Again!" from the Annabel pregnancy...god that's lame.

19. Your T.V.? FOOTBALL BABY! Roll Tide!

20. Your pet? Ceasar the wonder dog and Toby the wonder cat

21. Your computer? Dell

22. Your mood? frazzled

23. Missing someone? Not at the moment.

24. Your car? Pffft- It's all about the Minivan in this family!

25. Something you're not wearing? perfume

26. Favorite store? Tarjay - I'm not hard to please!

27. Your Summer? Hot!

28. Love someone? Several someones

29. Your favorite color? Red

30. When is the last time you laughed? About an hour ago

31. Last time you cried? A few days ago watching the Notebook

And I'm nominating ERIN. She's a hoot and a hollar. I always love reading her blog and seeing all the awesome creative things she's made!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lice - I hate you!

Ode to Head Lice

It starts as a tingle
And becomes a scratch
Your children start to complain
Then they start to thrash

Oh No, you say
Please god don't do this to me
You pull out the Robi comb
And oh boy guess what you see

Nasty ass critters
Taking shelter in your childrens heads
Now it's time to clean
So you go and strip the beds

Next comes the fun part
Time get the husbands help
Listening to your children scream and yell
As you nit pick their little scalps

But the best is yet to come
Don't get comfortable yet
Three weeks worth of diligence
Ain't exactly a sure bet

Because these disgusting bastards
Don't simply thrive to piss you off
They are a creation that given the opportunity
Will survive a nuclear holocaust

I've nit picked and combed
Barked and bitched
Finally getting my children clear
When my head starts to itch.

Now that my poem is out of the way - I'm not afraid to say it damn it, so why am I hesitating? Bah! Our house has started all out war with head lice. We got rid of the little fuckers and they are back. This time with reinforcements.

When we are back to our normal lives and I'm not running the washer and dryer night and day, I'll be able to blog again.