Friday, June 12, 2009


I just got the news today...Both of my stories (submitted to separate publishers) have been accepted for online publication and Print on Demand.

I'm absolutely speechless and stunned. I'll keep you updated on the release dates.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is my 1,000th post.



Let's celebrate with a GOOD Mom Confession, shall we? This one goes back to the days I was still fertile, but just roll with it.

Even though it was obvious I was sexually "experienced", I was STILL embarrassed about purchasing contraceptives during check-out at Hell-Mart with my four wildebeest children in tow.
I don't know what the cashier thought when she came across the box of condoms hidden between the Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms. But since my oldest child was climbing into and out of the cart, her brothers were attached to each of my legs, and the infant was clawing and grasping at my head, I think it was something along the lines of:
"Lady, you've started protecting yourself WAAAYYYY too late."

Hang Ten...or Fifteen...

Back to the normalcy (or what is normal for me) of my blog. It's a topic all of us, both male and female, can relate to. It's something that comes with age. Mother nature's way of reminding us about the inescapable things in life...

Like aging.

Metabolism, where oh where have you gone? Once upon a time you were good to me. I respected you, and in turn, you gave me a broad leeway. We had a great understanding and rapport then. I always knew when to back off the sweets and treats and you rewarded this with leniency and a wistful smile.

Now, you laugh at my offering, padding me up like a thanksgiving bird in preparation for the big day. I don't have drumsticks, I have ham bones. And the harder I try to please you, the more you mock me.

Now the stair climber and weighs are beckoning, promising to do what my body refuses to.

Exercise...Damn it, I got enough PE in high school.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I know it's been forever since I've posted any up. A few of these are older (end of school year and Easter) but you can see how everyone's grown.
And yes, Annabel is a total ham - and she knows it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shhhh! I won't tell if you won't...

Technically, I'm breaking a counselor rule here. I'm not supposed to discuss my Mother or the things going on with her. I'm supposed to journal "privately"...but where is the fun in that??

So...two weeks ago Jimbo and I flew out to Colorado Springs for business. It was a trip for his company, and aside from a plane ticket, it was free. It was the first time we've been alone like this in 5 years (since Logan was born) and we couldn't wait. We arrived ready to relax and immerse ourselves in one another.

Oh, and we were also there for something else - to make a solid decision and time frame on when we would re-involve ourselves with my Mom.

Then it happened...

On the second day of the trip, Tuesday to be exact, we got the call from his Mother who was staying at our home to babysit the children. My Mother got an attorney and were were "served". She's suing us for grandparent visitation.

There is a TON going on right now, as you can probably imagine. She has refused time and time again to give me time to deal with the emotional aspects of what she's done, refused to give me space to find common ground. Instead she's chosen to proceed as she always does - as SHE wants.

It's actually sad but fitting that she chose to do this. Jimbo said she was walking the line and if she tried something like this, he was done with her. While she's my Mother, she put this upon herself. We didn't start this, ask for this, or encourage this - but we will see it to fruition.

We have an attorney and she should have gotten the news by now - we fully intend to fight her in court.

It's a mess, a heartbreaking one, and something that never had to happen.


Summer is here...

And out goes my sanity.

It's cool. I have the hubs on speed dial, 911 programmed into the phone, and a bottle of Valium with my name on them.

I'm going to be visiting blogs today to say hello to everyone (I have missed you greatly) as soon as my children are down for a nap (huzzah!). Then, I'm vegging out on the couch and enjoying the silence while it lasts.

Summertime = the school system's reminder of why you don't mind paying those tax dollars for a quality (or not so much, depending on region) education.