Thursday, February 28, 2008

Go complain somewhere else!

First the sweet. I was in the office, eating my lunch, when Vincent called to me.

"Momma!" followed by inaudible gabbing.

"What baby?" I asked and stood to greet him. He looked sadly up at me and reached out.

"Momma, I sick."

I touched his forehead and it was warm again, I took him to get Tylenol before I hugged him to me and sat down. I rubbed his back for a time before taking him upstairs to nap. I got his pillows fluffed, his covers ruffled and leaned in to kiss him. He looked up at me and grinned in spite of his illness.

"Thank you Mommy." I melted inside.

Now for the shit. I went to check in on Arwen, she was very hot to the touch so I got her Tylenol (it was time) and made her soup and crackers for lunch. When I arrived back to her room she didn't want to sit up, her eyes were red and blood shot. I managed to get her to eat her soup and when she was done I felt her head again. She was boiling!

I rushed to the cabinet and grabbed the thermometer. She was running 104.5 temp! I snatched her from the bed, threw off her clothes and my own and jumped into the tub. I quickly got her fever down again and called the doctor and in we went.

During our wait Arwen was pitiful. She alternated between laying in my arms and the chair. She kept asking to go home to bed or to "lay down please". It took awhile to get back, the office was pretty full. We finally got back after maybe 20 minutes and after the nurse got her vitals I cut off the light to allow her to rest.

When the doctor finally arrived he checked her out and said we had to run to the clinic down the road. They had ran out of flu tests and she needed it done. As I was grabbing my things I heard complaining. It seems other people in the waiting room were upset over the wait. I'm not sure but I think it might have been watching my severely ill child going back first that caused part of it. I told the nurse that a 104 fever should take priority over a sprain or shot and I'd march right on out there and let whoever know it if she wanted.

We left, I carried her into the center,got the test, test was clean (no Flu!) so we hurried to the pharmacy and grabbed Arwen's meds, then returned home. She is now snuggled into her bed again, temperature under control for now. Vincent is still running a temp but it is also being managed well with Tylenol and Motrin.

I'm putting the baby on lock down. No touching her without first washing hands! To take that even further I change my shirt each time to a clean one when I hold her against me.

Please god, don't let me catch this. Please.