Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pet Peeve #333

One of my largest pet peeves belongs to my husband. He must eat first, ALWAYS. It doesn't matter if the kids need more to drink, if they want another serving, whatever. He always takes care of number uno.

Case in point. Tonight there are a few slices of pizza left from the Pizza Hut night. I make a slice for Vincent, one for Arwen and Logan asks for something else. This leaves 2 slices. I'm tempted to take them for myself but sit the box to the side. I'm not sure if the kids will ask for more.

Up the stairs comes Jimbo. He heads for the pizza box. I try to be nice but tell him not to eat yet, to wait and see if the kids want more. He tries to get the last pieces anyway, saying:

"They won't eat more."

I tell him nonetheless, to wait. He gets pissy and huffs off.

"I've only had one thing to eat all day and I'm sick!" he yells as he storms away.

What a baby.


The Myers Family said...

Just a lurker...found your blog through a twin mommy blog...i'm sure. You have a precious family!

I like to read about your i kinda have an idea or what we're up for in the future! :)

AMEN on the pet peeve! My hubby is the exact same way! It drives me crazy! I'm still making breakfast/lunch or whatever for the kiddos...and he's already sitting down eating instead of helping me feed the kids. I always eat last...and feed them first that way if they want more they can have it and i'll find something else to eat. He, on the other hand...gets his food sits down and eats! UGH! GOTTA BE A MAN THING! LOL!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is... MEN!

Katherine said...

I have more of a 'Everyone gets first before anyone gets seconds' philosophy. Especially with pizza! :) (I just figure there's always something else if we run out.) But I always plate Aurora's food first and she's eating by the time we get our food. Tim's pretty good about doing the same (feeding her first).

My pet peeve (which has just come up recently) is that as soon as I start getting ready to go upstairs for the night and use the bathroom (I shower/bathe before bed), he jumps up too and snags the bathroom before me 'just to brush his teeth'. Damn it, you've had all night! Last night, he did the same thing, and I told him to hurry up and go, I'd close up downstairs. Did he? No! He had to do a few things, getting up the stairs 30 seconds before me.

Katherine said...

Oh wait, I read your post wrong. It's leftover pizza. Yeah, I'm totally with you on waiting. I thought it was a new pizza and all the kids already had firsts!

Erin said...

OMG that sounds like my husband! What is it with men?? I get Hailey's plate first, then D gets his plate and finally I get mine. By the time I sit down, Hailey usually wants more food or juice or something. I ask D to get it because I JUST sat down and haven't taken a bite. He says "But my food will get cold!" Then after he's done with his humongous plate of food he goes to get more and asks if we're going to eat anymore...and we're not even finished with our first plate yet so we don't have a clue. MEN!

Jaime said...

Hey Ladies!

I'm so glad to have all these comments, it lets me know I'm not alone!!

Oh, he got those last 2 slices by the way, after the children were all done of course!