Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dreams of Oscar

I always dreamed of becoming an actress. Perhaps not a "movie" one but definitely a theater or stage one. I loved doing The Merchant of Venice in college. I looked forward to the butterflies before walking out on the stage (even if I only had a few short lines as a serving wench, then a courier).

Alas, becoming this was never meant to be for me. Instead I was destined to be a Mother. I grabbed onto my destiny and took off for a bumpy but happy ride. I usually don't regret what might have been, except every Oscar Sunday. I always sit glued to the screen as I watch the stars walk the red carpet and think about what might have been.

I'm calling Ellen Page as the Best Actress (but I could be wrong here), and Daniel Day as Best Actor (come on, everyone knows this is a lock) but I'm not sure about directors or movies of the year. Who else out there is set to join me this evening in taking in the show?


Katherine said...

I love acting/singing. I gave it up after high school because I knew I wasn't extraordinarily talented. (My husband says I could get to Hollywood on American Idol, but not into the top 24.)

I still think (maybe I'm crazy) that I'll get back into acting/singing with a community theater or chorale. In my spare time :)

But American Idol to me is like you describe the Oscars. What could have been...