Saturday, February 9, 2008

Best Friends

Yesterday was my bi-weekly shopping excursion. On the list? A trip to the mall to get Arwen new shoes. I also decided to take her to Claire's for the first time, to allow her to find her own "style" and pick out some hair accessories and the like.

She got a basket and began making selections. She chose pink glasses, pink hair bands, pink crystal butterfly clip-on earrings (which are BEAUTIFUL!) before making her way to the keychains. She grabbed the pair that had Unicorns with worded hearts. One said the word "Best" while the other said "Friend".

"I want this Mommy! Can we get this please?"

I explained that the key chains were best friend ones and how that kind of stuff worked. As I explained this to her my mind drifted back, I remembered a time not so long ago I was with my best friend Kelly, in the same store, buying Best Friend necklaces that interlock together. We each wore the charms proudly around our necks for the world to see. My heart felt a pang of loss, as we don't speak often anymore.

"You can have this side Mom!" she pointed to the purple heart and unicorn. She smiled at me and reached her arms around my waist, giving a quick hug.

After we paid for our things and walked out of the store I reached for her hand. As we walked along together something profound hit me. For all the friends I no longer have, I do have one friend, a best friend. And she will never leave me. I squeezed my best friends hand gently and she gazed up at me and smiled.

I smiled back at my daughter as we rushed to the bungee ride and told myself, "it's so true, just as one door closes, another one opens..."


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It's amazing how our little girls hold our hearts in their hands and how sometimes we forget. With all the wiping faces and making meals, we are rushed out of seeing that they are our friends too. I had a similar thought about Miss J this morning and wrote about it before coming here. You and are I always seem to be on the same page. *hug*

Nikki said... sweet!
Enjoy this time before she turns into a teenager. :)