Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am Obsessed!

I'm generally not much of a fashionista. I've never "got" into clothes, accessories, or purses. But recently I can't stop putting together outfits in my mind, or wanting new things to explore and push my personal style. I've stopped going out in jeans and t's and sneakers. It's rather liberating and fun but boy is it expensive. So I try to find inventive ways to get that look without spending the cash. Which means I usually shop the online sales (or in store sales) to see what I can find *cough*ebay*cough.

My obsession recently is the outfit above worn by the beautiful Kate Beckinsale. I'm not sure exactly why I love this look so much but I drool each time I see it. I've been looking for a similar tunic (no luck yet) but the first thing I'm after is a pair of shorts. If you click
HERE you can see other pictures to show you kind of what I mean. I have a few sweater/dresses that are too short to wear alone but if I got my hands on these shorts I'd solve that problem.

Anyone have any suggestions? Photo credit - I'm Not