Friday, March 28, 2008


The picture above is from Arwen's room. That is the tissue consumption from her since last night. That's one heck of a runny nose!

Today I scheduled my meeting with the surgeon. I've put it off long enough. Last night when I was in bed I felt the little lump in my neck and I think it's gotten bigger. It's so frightening dealing with things like this. I told
Jimbo I feel like a car. At first I was all nice and shiny and now I'm slowly falling apart, piece by piece.

I just want to be healthy again but I'm starting to worry that is never going to happen. To make matters worse I finally realized people are right when they mention my weight loss. I was standing in front of the mirror and I noticed I had hella Inner Thigh Clearance. Basically ITC is the measurement of space between the tops of your thighs. Mine used to rub slightly but I noticed yesterday not so much.

So I pulled out an old pair of blue jeans I'd purchased that shrunk and I never wore again. I bought them after a severe bought of postpartum with Logan when I'd lost a large amount of weight but even then they didn't fit after that shrinkage.
Well, they fit now.

It's just scary. I hope everything is alright. I've been deluding
myself into thinking the weight loss was from the H.Pylori but now I worry it's something more.


Lawfrog said...

I know how scary this is. I had to have a biopsy myself once and it was frightening. What helped me through the waiting period for the results was spending as much time as I could with family and friends doing things to take my mind off it.

I also read books and just generally did things I find enjoyable so I could not think about it so much.

I'll be praying and thinking good thoughts for you.

raecatherine said...

Hey, are they sure it's not just a swollen lymph node? This is not that uncommon after dealing with illness as you have been lately. Usually it's just a wee bit tender, and is an accumlation of lymphatic fluid that is delayed to drain after a bout with illness when your immune system is particularly stressed.

Whatever it is, I hope things are ok for you Jaime!

Jaime said...

Hey Raecatherine ;)

I've had this little lump for over a year now. My family doctor told me that it was a swollen lymph node and not to worry so I'd just ignored it.

Then I went to the neuro who asked me to have the biopsy. The last few days it's gotten a wee bit bigger and was a tiny bit tender. Then this morning I woke up and the lump was back to that teeny size!

I'm thinking lymph node now, after reading your entry. I'm not asking for medical advice but just curious, does that sound like something a person would experience with a node?

Thank you, I'll probably still keep the appointment just to be safe. It can't hurt.

raecatherine said...
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Jaime said...

Hey, removed it and will email in the morning ;) thank you!

Erin said...

I hope you can figure out exactly what's wrong soon, I know how it feels to have all this stuff wrong with you and feel like you're just falling apart. It's rough. I would get the lump looked at just to be on the safe side, but there is a possibility it could just be a lymph node. I have a lump behind my right ear that's been there for years. When I get sick, even just a little cold, that one swells bigger and a lump appears behind my left ear and they're tender to the touch. So maybe that is what your lump is? Esp. since the swelling went back down? Hang in there.