Tuesday, March 25, 2008

♥ Mark and Kristi ♥

Today has been hell but I wanted to blog quickly about DWTS last night.

♥ Mark and Kristi ♥ are the two to beat this season, seriously. Her Mambo was so awesome!

Jimbo told me his company is offering a free ballroom lesson this week and I so hope I can go. I asked him last week if he'd consider taking classes with me. I'll confess my husband is rather hot when he wants to be (aka when he shaves! he just doesn't like looking so young) and I'd love to see him dress up nice for me and not just for work!

I have the fever! And dancing would help get me back into shape. If my body will accept the challenge that is.


Anonymous said...

Kory and I took two step lessons years ago. It was so much fun! Hopefully Jimbo wants to do that with you!

Tania said...

How fun! I hope you can go and that you enjoy yourself! The only classes I've taken were salsa, and they were without my hubby He hates dancing...and for good reason too because he can't dance!