Friday, March 21, 2008

Man of La Mancha

Every polish junkie has their favorites. You can usually tell which ones they are because they will either have more than one bottle of it or the bottle they do have will be close to empty.

My favorite polish of all time is OPI's Vampire State Building. But as it's almost gone (my last bottle is close to halfway gone *sniff*) I make do with other colors I love. I didn't realize until today just how much I wear this color. My bottle is close to the halfway mark and after thinking about it I wear this color at least once a week.

The pictures don't show the true beauty. This polish flashes a beautiful orange but is downright pink indoors and in other lighting. It also has the most amazing pink/orange shimmers inside and just pops. Click on the pictures for larger images that show the colors better.

If you're looking for a good polish to wear year round that is always gorgeous, pick this one up. It's retired but can be found on ebay pretty cheap!

**no more posting today! I've got so much to do. I'll see you all tonight I hope and catch up on some reading!


Anonymous said...

I love this one and I haven't worn it in a long time. *digs through stash* I must try it again! As usualy your nails are gorgoues! ;)

Dream Mom said...

Your nails look very pretty.

Ah, if you like Man of La Mancha, you must try, China Glaze's Ruby Slippers. It's is more of a burgundy but with a lot of sparkle in it similar to the Man of La Mancha. Normally, I don't wear ANYTHING except OPI however the Ruby Slippers is amazing. I love it on my toes especially because it catches the light and is very sparkly.

As for red, I like Cha-Ching Cherry. Smokin' in Havana is a perfect rust for fall with a little gold in it-looks amazing on, especially since I have very pale skin.

Erin said...