Saturday, March 1, 2008

And Another Thing!

An extension from the post directly below, OK!!

If I don't answer the phone the first time around, why in the hell do you call right back??? Can't you get the hint that I'm either not home or am busy with my 4 children?? If the answering machine picks up and you hear my voice say:

"Sorry but we can't come to the phone now, Please leave a message and I WILL get back to you."

Then leave a freaking message!! Garrr!!! *&@#*$&%^@Q# You know I have caller ID right and that I see exactly who keeps calling over and over.

Remember, I also have your number and I might return those calls at say...I don't does 3am sound??


Erin said...

HAHA, I commented about this on your other phone post...

My dad is the worst about this one. He thinks if he calls I need to talk to him RIGHT THEN, no matter what I have going on. And if I don't call him right back, when I call him later he demands "WHY didn't you call me sooner?" Him and my grandma are horrible about that, thinking we've been hurt or something. Come on, I just want to eat my dinner while it's hot or watch 5 minutes of TV in peace! Oh Dan's parents are the same way too...if they can't get me on my cell they call Dan...he never answers either, he's like they call the house phone. Drives me NUTS.