Monday, March 10, 2008


I've said I hate getting too political here on this blog, so I try to avoid it but recently it's been hard to because of something that's bothering me so much. I worry about our country because the future of my children depends on it. Money is tight and prices continue to rise. Just the other day I had to fill up the van (something I haven't done admittedly in a very long time, Jimbo fills it up on the way to work usually) and I about shit myself, it was $45 bucks, $45 BUCKS! For gas! Then I went to Hell-Mart on my usual bi-weekly and oh my lord, the Wal-Mart brand of milk was over $4!!!

These things don't usually bother me but when it's a dollar more on a item here, 10 more on a full tank of gas, shopping for necessities becomes a huge issue. In a family like mine we do splurge here and there. We usually purchase at least one new DVD a paycheck or if not a DVD we'll purchase something for the house (wood for the porches, flooring, etc for upkeep). Sometimes I'll grab a cute shirt for each child or I'll pick up tights for Arwen's uniforms. But when that $100 left over becomes $60, then $50, then $40.....

Then compound this with upcoming election concerns and I just don't know what will happen. I have a sickening feeling though, about the entire thing. I want to vote Democrat as I feel this is what our nation needs yet people are either die hard Obama or Clinton, there isn't a hell of a lot of middle ground. I'm pretty sure we'll end up with another Republican in office because of it.

One things for sure, this country needs something. First the world began to hate us and now the nations own are feeling the economic crunch. This can only go on for so long.