Saturday, March 1, 2008


Why is it, when I'm on the phone with someone and I tell them I'm busy, they ignore me and instead proceed to engage me in a long, drawn out, conversation?

It always goes down something like this:

"Hello?" I'm wrangling a child down as I answer, changing a diaper.

"Hey!" says person. "What are you doing?"

"Well," I grab for the wipes with one hand, "I'm trying to change *child's name here*."

"Oh, well I just wanted to see how you were, I'm just sitting here, I have blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..........."

"Really," I finally get in, "well I have to *insert random chores or things to be done here* I hoped to nap with the kids and I have to get that done first*"

After this point the person will begin to tell me about someone else, tell me about themselves, tell me about work, tell me about a family member, tell me about anything other than letting me get off the damned phone.

So why is it? I know this doesn't happen to just me. And it drives me batty. I've had moments when I've gotten so fed up I've sat the phone down, changed a diaper or finished my chore, went back to the phone, and the person was still there.

What gives people! If I say I have stuff to do, it doesn't mean I have time to talk with you. Don't keep going hoping you'll catch me with a subject of interest, or that I'll forget the too full sink or laundry waiting to be folded. Just do the right thing and say, "Oh, I'll call you back in a little while then and we can talk".

If you can't do this for me, then please, don't be offended when I begin to curse at you because I couldn't balance the phone on my shoulder and accidentally got shit all over my hand and arm. I don't like being covered in feces, do you?

Consider yourself warned.


Lawfrog said...

LOL!! YES. This is such a great post because it's so true. I know people who do things like this as well. I'll even say "I've got to go..." and they will acknowledge that, but then continue the conversation!! WTH??

Jaime said...


You actually reminded me of another phone thing that drives me batty! I posted about this as well.

I usually never get calls at all and then right when I'm doing something the phone starts ringing. Grr lol!

Erin said...

Oh I hate talking on the phone anyway, but it REALLY annoys me that people always seem to call me when I've got something to eat dinner or give Hailey a bath or the dishes or put Hailey to bed because it's AFTER 9:00 AT NIGHT FOR GOODNESS SAKES! My sister's usually really good about letting me go, but the rest of my family (not including my mom) always SAY "Oh I'll let you go then" and then go off talking about something else!! If I don't answer the phone a few times they go nuts thinking I've been killed or something...I just HATE talking on the phone!!