Monday, March 24, 2008

Redneck Aunt

I've blogged about this before and always saved it as a draft. I suppose I was embarrassed to have Jerry Springer people in my family and more so, I was embarrassed about this entire issue. I'd hoped to move on and never think of it again...but it's not to be.

It's a long story but I'll try to make a cliff notes version. My Mom's sister, Aunt Glo, is an alcoholic. Not only is she an alcoholic but she is an extremely violent and hateful one. She doesn't work, hasn't for years and mooches off my poor grandmother and uncles (and occasionally my own Mom and aunts). She's been in the slammer many times over and most people in the family tend to avoid her whenever possible. I'd personally never had issues with her, until about a year ago.

Basically, Jimbo's parents live in the same neighborhood as Glo. And since Jimbo's Dad likes to have a drink with buddies, he and Glo ran in the same (albeit small) circles. But the group began to dislike Glo and her violent streak and eventually they cut her out of it. Now, Glo got extremely pissed. She began getting on a CB radio that she acquired since the men in the neighborhood use them for neighborhood watch. She would scream profanities and curse until the alcohol consumed her and she would pass out.

But one night was different. One night she changed tactics. She got onto the CB radio and launched into an attack at Jim. She called me a whore, said his grandchildren weren't really his, that all of my children were bastards with different Fathers. My Mother in law heard this and called the police. They came out and took a statement. This is where things went from bad to worse.

About a week or so later I was getting ready for Logan's IEP at school. I'd gotten dressed and was preparing lunch for the boys when the doorbell rang. I was around 5-6 months pregnant with Annabel at the time. I answered the door and a strange woman stood there. I assumed she was a solicitor of some kind.

Come to find out, this lady was from DHR or CPS (whichever you have in your area). She was, "investigating a report of neglect" and asked to come in. Of course I said yes. I hurried inside, cut off the stove and lead her to the playroom. The boys were as I'd left them, playing on the back deck with their colored chalk. She took a seat and got down to business. And it wasn't pretty.

The claims were all junk (of course) but some of them cut rather deeply. Accusations that I locked my children into their bedrooms, ignored them to play video games, that I was a addicted to drugs, that my husband was violent. You get my drift. The case worker told me she shouldn't say it but she got the complaint via email and asked who would say such things about my family. At the time I was in shock and had no idea. It was too much to take in at one time.

She asked if I'd submit to a drug screen and I told her I would, however, I'd had Mepergen Fortis the night previous for gallstones. I explained my medical history and she asked me if I'd be willing to sign over my medical records to her. I agreed. She said she had to see Arwen because there was a report that Jimbo had physically assaulted her. She scheduled the appointment the next morning at 7:00am.

By the time she arrived the next day I'd talked to family and realized there was only one person who would lie so terribly to hurt us and it was Glo. The tip off was her getting on the CB radio after I'd called my Mother to inform her I thought her sister just reported us to DHR. My Mom of course called and after they hung up Glo got on the radio to Jimbo's father.

"Your little phone call didn't work." She said and laughed.

The next morning, the case worker returned. She talked with Arwen. I also informed her of my 'belief' that the person who emailed was in fact my aunt. I told her she could find her history at the local sheriff's department. She said of all her cases ours was of the least concern and not to worry. I told her I'd contacted my Early Intervention contacts and they would be calling her (Lisa and Angie, my care coordinators were very angry. It is after all their job to report abuse in a home and they were out here weekly). She bid us a good day and that was it. I signed over my medical the next day and I never heard from DHR again (knock on wood!)

Things returned to normal. Glo stayed quiet for a time. Until now.

I've found out she's returned to her old antics. I keep waiting for a knock on my door and I absolutely hate it. I've talked to Jimbo about contacting an attorney. Perhaps we can be proactive here. I don't care what she says about me but these are my children she is threatening. DHR has the power to take them away from me, even if the reports are unfounded.

I'm really torn about what to do. This entire situation is horrible. I've never wished death upon anyone but I find myself thinking the world would be such a better place if Glo wasn't in it. She's the most vile person I've ever met in my life. She serves no purpose but to hurt those around her.


Lawfrog said...

I have people like this in my family too. I know how painful it can be to deal with them.

If you're comfortable with it, drop me a line at I have some suggestions for you re: what to do with Glo.

Jaime said...

Hey Lawfrog ;)

Thanks, I sent an email your way, if you didn't get it just let me know!

Lawfrog said...

Got it and replied:)

raecatherine said...

this is just terrible! many of the alcoholics i've taken care of that wind up with liver failure and/or liver cancer have pretty exhausted families. (understandably so) but this is by far the worst treatment i've ever heard of!

Erin said...

As you know I have people like this in my family so I feel your pain. I hope you can find a good solution to the problem.