Friday, March 14, 2008

Farewell, Old Friends

4 years ago, Logan told me about this game he wanted for his birthday. The title was familiar, Final Fantasy, but the format was not. He told me he wanted to get a game that allowed people to play online together. The purpose was to meet and do things with people from around the world. Even language wouldn't be a barrier because of an auto-translate function.

He got that game for his birthday. I remember the first night he chose his character model, decided what job he wanted to start out on and his home country. It was all rather confusing to me but after a week of watching I decided I wanted to give it a try too and soon after I purchased the game for my computer.

Thus began my experience with Final Fantasy XI. As with anything there were great things and terrible ones. I met some of the absolute worst of people but also met some of the best friends you could imagine. I've shed tears over this game, have gotten heated over this game and I've had some of the most wonderful moments of my life on this game.

It's been a struggle on when to walk away. All good things must come to an end and this is no different. For a couple of months Jim and I did leave. I was ill with the pregnancy and we canceled our content ID's. A friend managed to lure us back and against our better wisdom, we started to play again. It didn't talk long for things to happen and we were right back where we left off.

But in the weeks past, I've been thinking over hanging up my hat in the world of Vana'diel. I don't love to play as I once did and haven't for a very long time. The friends I returned for have left themselves and the friend who lured us back has different wants/desires and playtimes meaning we don't get to see or talk to him that often.

So I've made the decision to walk into the virtual sunset. It was a great run while it lasted and I can't deny I'm very sad now that the decision has been made. But I know it's the right choice and I know it was time. It's amazing how attached you become to something, something that other people probably can't understand.

My birthday is going to be so bittersweet tomorrow. But I think the timing is perfect, I'm starting the next chapter in my life.


Lawfrog said...

Walking away from anything you've enjoyed is difficult whether it's a city, a school, or a game. The emotions are all the same.

Something else will come along to fill the void left by the game. I remember this same thing happening with me when I had to quit playing The Sims. It was just time to do it and something else did come along to keep me occupied.

JAMIE said...

So funny you wrote this post. I really enjoy playing World of Warcraft(aka, wow) but feel that maybe it is time to move on. It's hard to explain my love, thrill and need for this game to my friends as it is beyond what the average person can understand unless they play themselves.
Good for you for saying, it is time. Goodbye!
I am not there yet!!!