Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Off Duty

I'm cooking dinner, food is ready but needs to be plated. I'm in the process of doing this when I notice Vincent is running around without pants or a diaper. Jimbo walks in the door.

"Whew," I say. "Vincent is running around without his clothes."

"Ok?" Jimbo says and walks past me up the stairs.

I wait for him to come back down, meanwhile I see Vincent in his naked state, still running around. I get to the third plate when Jimbo walks down the stairs, trash bag in hand. I watch as he walks out the door to the garage.

"Fine!" I stop what I'm doing and go grab a diaper. I find Vincent and he runs off. Meanwhile Jimbo goes to grab a trash bag for upstairs. I'm still chasing Vincent when he comes downstairs to the kitchen.

"You know babe," I start in a pissy tone. "Next time do you think you could help me take care of matters on this floor instead of going upstairs where things can wait until dinner is done?"

"What? I had to take out the garbage, it smelled like shit up there!" He yells.

"Well that's great," I yell back. "But I can't cook dinner and change a naked child too, I could have used some help. Instead I had to stop what I was doing to chase after him so that I could get him clothed before I feed all of you."

"FINE!" he yells again. "Next time I'll come home and do everything."


Nope, next time dear you won't have to come home and do everything. No sir, all you'll have to do is cook for yourself. I'll take care of myself and the kiddos. You can prepare a nice hot meal for your damn self.

The kitchen isn't closed but this cook is off duty.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how many times I have heard "well, I'll just do everything then!".

PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!! Who the fuck are they kidding. That pisses me off. I'm angered just sitting here! MEN! Go Jaime go!

Lawfrog said...

Yes, that is such a lovely retort from men. I say let him do everything. Switch jobs with him for a day. You go off to his job and he takes care of all four children, housework, pets, school work, etc. He'll have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing your praises within an hour.