Monday, March 17, 2008

Dancing with the Stars LIVE

Since I enjoy Dancing with the Stars (I'm still not sure if I will vote, I'm still angry over last year, I'm only tuning in to see ♥ Marky ♥ hotness) I figured I'd share my experience with you. The plasma is on, I have a coke in hand and Annabel is watching next to me.

Here we go!! (If you are in another time zone or such, please don't read just yet, spoilers are ahead!!)

7:00 - that boring (and more so annoying) Samantha Harris is back again. Preview of the new cast, men are first, women tomorrow.

7:05 - oooo group dance!! There's my Marky!!! MAAARRRRKKYYYY!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

7:06 - It's the Gutt!!! Doesn't he look...uptight? Relax Steve, just breathe!!

7:06 - It's ♥ Marky ♥ and Kristi, who I'm rooting for! Marky if I weren't a married woman and you weren't with Sabrina... *wipes drool from chin*

7:07 - Penn from Penn and Teller is first, I'm afraid. Kim is so awesome but can she do it...she did work wonders with Jerry Springer. Penn is funny, let's hope it pays off on the dance floor. And here they go...

7:13 - Commercial. Great. I'll have to wait damn it.

7:15 - And we're back. Penn looks nice but can he pull it off, let's see! OO the Cha-Cha!
Very entertaining! He's a bit stiff but not bad at all. He's a natural on the stage even if his footwork is awful.

Bruno: "Instead of hip action it was like hip replacement action." LOL!

Scores: 5 ~ 6 ~ 5 = 16/30 YIKES!


7:22 - Commercial and water cooler break.

7:25 - It's Jason Taylor and his pro partner is Edyta. I wonder if she bought some clothes during the hiatus. Jason already has a problem...he is worried about being too "feminine". Dude, you're dancing with the most sexual and dare I say, "Sexy" woman in the competition. It's Edyta!! You can't look feminine dancing with her!

7:29 - Here they go...and Edyta is the front at least. The Foxtrot. Oh man, I know they judges will be positive, you just wait. They always are to athletes.

Len: "You got great posture, you moved across the floor well."

Carrie-Ann: "You're very coordinated, you worked well with your hands."

Bruno: "Your posture - fantastic"

Scores: 7 ~ 8~ 7 = 22/30

(on a side note, how in the hell Jason and Edyta score an 8 with Len when Sabrina and Mark got 9's for their Cha-Cha last season from Carrie-Ann and Bruno but a 8 from Len?????!!! I told you this show was bunk!)

7:33 - Commercial. OOOO The New Narnia trailer!! On may 16th, the fate of all, lies with the destiny of one. Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian. I'm so there. *marks calendar*

7:36 - And we're back. Up next is Christian De Fuente. No clue who...ah from Ugly Betty. I don't watch that show. And Cheryl is his partner and they are doing the Cha-Cha...he's rather goofy. Hmmm. Oh no, his smooth hip, Cheryl I don't see a Disco Ball Trophy in your future, not this season.

7:39 - And here we go! He looks terrified...poor guy. Not bad, better than I thought. He's stiff but at least he's not Penn. Cheryl is trying to make up his lack of hip action with her own, she looks like a hyena in heat (sorry Cheryl!)

Carrie-Ann: "You have natural charisma. But you have to watch your shoulders."

Bruno: "You look like you're riding a bike, why??"

Len: "From the hips down you were fine, from here up, it's the posture."

7:42 - Commercial, I hate waiting. Uggg another Bachelor season? That show is so cheap. And it's on wonder our society treats it's women like cattle. We produce shows that encourage gold digging.


Scores: 7 ~ 7~ 7 = 21/30

7:48 - Samantha is so annoying and look it's Helio, I'm not even going there.

7:49 - Oh NO. Adam Corolla and Julianne Hough! LOLOL

7:51 - The foxtrot, we're off!!! Oh.My.God. Hahahaha!!! They call me Mellow Yellow is the song and she's wearing yellow to boot. Please excuse me from my typing duties, I need a kleenex, I'm crying over here.

Bruno: "Adam, if the foxtrot was an actor, it was Will Ferrell with a bit of John Cleese."

Len: "Julianne, you have your work cut out this season. Your footwork was good but it was stiff, relax a bit more."

Carrie-Ann: "You know what, I'm kind of at a loss for words. Keep working."

7:54 - Yet another commercial break. Yawn. This commercial break has been going for over 3 minutes. Come on already...well, at least the Wife Swap preview looks interesting, so does Here comes the Newlyweds.


7:59 - Finally, the scores! 5 minutes later I might add.

Scores: 5 ~ 5 ~ 5 15/30 (Penn might just have a chance!!)

Adam: "There ain't no three-peat in your future baby." Spoken to Julianne after getting their scores. LOLOL!

8:01 - It's Mel B!!!! Looking Good!

8:01 - It's R&B star Mario and that b*tch Karina. Oh god help the guy. He's got her as a partner...he's in so much trouble. If he has talent, she will love him. If not she will be the anti-christ. He says they had an instant connection. He seems to know how to move...she's smiling...maybe there is hope but wait! She hurt her neck, herniated disk before the season starts. Oh Shiznit!! The tension, the anxiety, the DRAMA. What will happen, let's find out!

8:04 - They're off, Cha-Cha time! He can move! But his arms are bad. What will the judges think?

Carrie-Ann: "Wow, you can dance!"

Len: "Great job, riddled with bad footwork, work on that before next week."

Bruno: "You have a monopoly on Mario's?!" (referring to Mario Lopez, her boyfriend from season 3 I believe)

Scores: 8 ~ 8~ 8 = 24/30 (they ain't no Sabrina and ♥ Marky ♥ )


8:08 - The last man of the night. It's the GUTT~!!! He looks so tense and a tad balder than his Lobo days.

8:09 - Commercial break, again. Oh I almost forgot , Atonement and I am Legend on DVD tomorrow, thanks for the reminder. Boy are they really pushing that new Ashton Kutcher series, it's been on every commercial break.

8:13 - Finally, the time has arrived, the Gutt in action! Anna is his partner, he's in so much trouble. This can't be good, she's pushing him around on the practice floor. Poor Steve. This doesn't bode well. Will taking him to see the pro's dance rub off by osmosis as Steve hopes? I'm crossing my fingers!

8:16 - Away we go. The Foxtrot. Steve is giving it his all. Not much more I can say.

Bruno: "Steve, you definitely put your heart and soul into it."

Carrie-Ann: "I liked it, I thought it was adorable, there is something very charming bout you."

Len: "You are the first person to come out and look like you're enjoying yourself."

8:19 - Commercial break. Women are coming up next with a sneak peek of tomorrow. Scores after the break!


Scores: 6~ 6~ 6 = 18/30

So after tonight, the scores are as follows:

Penn - 16/30
Jason - 22/30
Christian 21/30
Adam 15/30
Mario 24/30
Steve 18/30

Women are tomorrow! I can't wait! Thanks for blogging the show with me.


Tania said...

Thanks for the blow-by-blow. I'm so hooked on this show, but I missed it on Monday because I had to cook and clean =( I think I started getting into it the first season, then skipped out on a couple, but the cast looks great this season!