Monday, March 24, 2008

Only takes a minute

This morning Arwen was coughing so before she left I hurriedly gave her a dose of her prescribed cough medication and off she went. As the door closed I heard Annabel so I rushed upstairs to her. Shortly after Vincent woke up. I brought them to the middle floor in an attempt to tackle neglected chores.

As I was folding laundry I realized I needed hangers so I walked to the adjoining kitchen area. Vincent walked toward me and held out his hand. He was holding the cough bottle, opened, with the contents visibly less than this morning. So I did what any responsible parent would.

I freaked out.

I first called the Doctors office and was referred (as I expected to be) to poison control. I've had several conversations with poison control since the birth of my children. I'm always afraid they are going to call Child Protective Services and report me for those times my children have found and eaten hand sanitizer and desitin (among other things).

Then I saw it. On the nearby carpet in the formal dining room was a large purple stain. I'd found at least some of my missing cough syrup. The phone clicked over and I connected with poison control. They agreed he probably didn't get too much but to be safe I'm to watch him (duh) closely for an hour and to call if he has any changes (or sleepiness).

It only takes a minute, literally, for children to get into something. No matter how safe you are, no matter how child proofed your home, accidents just happen.


Lawfrog said...

It's a good thing parents aren't turned into Child Protective Services for things like this because if that was the case, every single kid in America would be in foster care.

I'm glad he didn't ingest it (or got a small amount, if any). It's SO easy for a child to get into things like this or cleaners, etc. No matter what you do in terms of childproof locks, etc. something like this happens. Rite of passage for parenthood I suppose. My dear mother had four children too and boy, does she have some stories:)

JAMIE said...

Well I am happy you found some of the syrup however I hope you don't have a big purple stain now, lol.
Reminds of the time that I was caring for a lady with alzhiemers. She was sitting at the kitchen island while I made breakfast. I turned around to pour her coffee and turned back aroud to see her sucking all the medication out of her eye medication bottle.
GOSH! LOL ~ Everything was fine...eye medication is sterile..but still.
It's a mixture of the feelign of horrow and "are you kidding me".
LOL ~ I hope you don't have to many more experiences like this.