Saturday, March 22, 2008

There is always ONE

Today was the company picnic for the children at the park. We piled up all the kiddos and headed out this morning, excited because for the first time all the children (minus Annabel of course) would be able to grasp the concept.

We arrived early and found the age group locations. Each space is marked by a large sign posted into the ground and each section is blocked off with yellow plastic strings. Each group takes a turn, going from the 0-2 group then the 3-4 year olds then the 5-6 group and finally the 7-10 year olds.

First the boys went. Logan made my heart ache. Instead of hogging any eggs I watched as he would pick up eggs and the hand them to nearby children. One Mother said, "he is so sweet". I nodded and was filled with pride. He truly is a wonder. Vince did great too. No pushing or rushing. He would grab as he found and smiled in delight. They didn't make off with too many things but they had a great time and soon we waited for Arwen.

We moved outside the yellow string to wait when I bent over to grab Vincent's hand. I felt a painful stab on my head and a loud voice followed saying, "My BAD!" I looked into the face of a very large woman, we'll call her Bertha. I told her no problem and quickly moved next to Arwen to get some pictures.

The announcer told the 5-6 year olds to get ready and began going over the rules.

"Please don't direct your children or help them in this area, everyone is old enough in this group to hunt alone" she said. And that's when it happened, Bertha began 'coaching' her daughter.

"Ok hunny, you just grab ALL those eggs. You hurry and get them all, you find that PRIZE egg!" She started pointing in areas in the marked off section. "Look, there is one over there and over there too, look under all the grass, don't rush or you'll miss them!"

The announcer gave the green and off the children went. Arwen ran to and fro and I tried to snap pictures and ignore Bertha in my right ear, screaming to look here and there.

"OVER HERE, THERE IS ONE OVER HERE!" she gestured to the area in front of us. "LOOK! IT'S GREEN, OVER HERE!"

Meanwhile Logan saw a piece of candy laying on the ground. Not only do they put out eggs but they throw out chocolate and such for the children. Logan reached for it.

"Oh no hunny, you're all done." Bertha said. I stared at her and gave her the eat shit and die look. She quickly changed her tone. "Well, if they don't get it soon hunny you can get it then."

By the time everything was done Bertha's daughter returned to her. She didn't get the "Prize" egg but she had 3X as much in her basket as Arwen and the other children inside. I watched as they walked away and I realized that this is what is wrong with our society. Bertha knew she wasn't supposed to show her child where the eggs were but she didn't care.

What kind of message is she sending to her daughter? Can you just imagine this girl in the next 10 years when she is 16 or 17? I can and it makes me cringe. Another entitlement person who thinks the world revolves around her. That's just what this world needs.


Lawfrog said...

It's beyond sad when parents act like this with their children. This was a fun easter egg hunt, not a life or death situation.

So sad that Bertha's daughter will never be able to participate in things like this for the fun and enjoyment of it. Instead, she'll have to always compete and please her mother's warped sense of winning.