Monday, March 10, 2008

Shitty People

I was over at Erin's blog and she was talking about neighbor's. For some reason something terrible that happened to me came rushing back and I wanted to share it. I hope you don't mind. Let's take a step back into my hell, shall we?

Shitty People

I wasn't always so outspoken. In my youth I was actually very shy. My high school sweetheart was from the opposite side of the tracks if you know what I mean. His friends found it hilarious that he found me attractive. I suppose what they say is true, opposites attract.

We moved into an apartment together and were both very excited. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, upstairs with french doors, what's not to like? We lived in harmony for a couple of months before we started to notice the neighbors. The Mom, Michelle, was a single one. She worked a lot and wasn't home very much. Her daughter was 15, her son was 17, and they had friends over all the time, especially when Mom was at work.

It became a game of cat and mouse with them. It would start with a loud party when Mom was at work, we'd call the office or security, they'd see them coming and rush inside. They'd usually get a warning and I'd get some sleep before class the next day. Otherwise we got along fairly well. I spoke to the Mother on more than one occasion since she was in a Karate class with me.

One day I came home from class. I usually grabbed something before work and today wasn't any different. I parked my freshly painted Grand Prix in the front and rushed up the stairs to my apartment. I grabbed some chips and slapped some jelly on bread, I drank it down with a coke and grabbed the keys to go to work. I locked the doors, hurried on down and rushed to my car but I stopped about halfway there.

From bumper to bumper, the entire driver's side of my car was thrashed. It looked like I'd hit the cement wall on the highway and just drove. I stood in shock for a minute before bursting into tears. I rushed to the apartment office and the police were called. They arrived and began taking photo's, asking questions, looking for clues. I phoned work to say I'd be late.

Turns out, the neighbor's son had come home too and had to rush off to work. He came to his car, didn't pay attention and ran the front bumper of his mazda all the way down the side of my car before either noticing or stopping. Instead of doing the right thing he instead rushed off to work at the shoe store down the road and "hid" the car.

That night I contacted my parents. The insurance was under my Father's name still and he wanted to turn it over immediately. But Michelle came over and begged me to allow them time to pay it. They didn't have insurance and she didn't know what she'd do. She begged me to talk to my Father and after a lot of consideration, I did. She told him she'd pay a monthly amount and thanked us.

But a month later, there was no money, nor the next month. My Father became annoyed and asked when she was giving it, she stalled. I asked, she stalled. And to my dismay one day I came home from work to find her apartment being vacated by family and friends since she'd decided to move away. Leaving us no trace of her whereabouts, no phone number, nothing.

In the end I drove my once beautiful car around looking like hell and never getting the money to repair it. Meanwhile she taught her heathen children how to screw honest people over and get away with it. Don't you just hate shitty people?


Lawfrog said...

Oh my God, that is horrible! I cannot imagine how horrified you must have been when you saw the car the first time and then when you realized she wasn't going to pay. I am SO sorry that happened to you. People can really suck sometimes.