Friday, March 14, 2008

Garfield Phone

It's not officially my birthday for another 2 hours here but here is one of my presents from my too sweet husband! I've wanted a new phone for the office that added a bit of fun.

I'd looked into Mickey Mouse ones (among other things) when I saw this phone from my past. My best friend had this phone in her bedroom for several years. I remember being so sad when it stopped working one day and had to be retired to the closet. I always loved that phone.

So when I saw this online, I knew I had found my phone. Garfield arrived today and not only am I happy with him but so are the children. They love that his eyes open when you pick up the phone off the base. Vincent actually left the phone off the hook for several hours today and I didn't notice until later (when I realized Garfield was staring at me).


Anonymous said...

LOL... My brother had that phone! Total blast from the past! :) I like it.

Lawfrog said...

How cute is that! I love it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!