Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You need a Church?

Last night as I was enjoying Dancing with the Stars the phone rang. A name I didn't recognize came blaring out of the speaker and I rushed up the stairs and to the phone.

"Hi, I'm Mary, I'm calling from *name of church*. I spoke with Brother Bob and he told me you are currently looking for a church."

I sat dumbfounded for a second or two. I couldn't recall asking anyone about a church. The BOOM it hit me, during the conversation with Angie's husband, I'd said soon we'd be looking for one.

"Uhhh, well...yes I did say soon..."

"Well, we'd just love to have you, I wanted to call and extend and invitation to our services this Sunday!"

I felt bad when I explained I'm still under the weather and not 100% and that I'd like to at least be able to enjoy the service and meet the people before I started looking for a place to settle. She was very polite, asked if I needed any help here, however I could tell she wasn't too happy when I said:

"Thank you again, it's nice to meet and talk to you."

And she responded with:

"Uh-huh, bye."

I could kill Bob.


Lawfrog said...

I think you should kill Bob. I know a great criminal defense attorney who could totally get you off the hook. Bob deserves it.

Just wait - now that I've said that, Bob will be horribly killed in some accident that looks like foul play and they will come looking for you. Sorry;)