Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How's that for a bargain?

It was past time. My New Balance shoes were purchased when I found out I was pregnant with Vincent and while still in decent shape they were starting to take a turn. I'd looked around here and there as I shopped for the kids but I just couldn't fathom spending $30+ for another pair. Especially since I wasn't in dire need...yet.

So I was on my bi-weekly excursion when I decided to step into Shoe Carnival. I also need a pair of sandals terribly and I'd hoped to find some on sale. As I shopped the sale racks I noticed some Sketchers sneakers. I immediately loved the color and style. They were a mix of sneaker and ballerina flats with an intricate colorful pattern. Problem was they were all small sizes and none of them would fit me.

As I moved along I came to the larger sizes and I found one pair of Sketchers exactly like the ones at the front of the store. I got excited until I saw the price tag. The shoes in front were on sale for $10 but these were $39, marked down from $60. Just as I was going to put them back I decided I was going to ask why the one pair was so much cheaper. I grabbed the boxes and made my way to the front.

The girl at the register said the prices were different because they had more of the smaller sizes and they were trying to move them. I thanked her and was about to walk away when the manager walked up. I remembered him from the last time I'd purchased the kids school shoes. He asked what was the problem and the girl relayed what she'd told me. The manager took a look at both boxes, then at me and asked to see them. After I handed them over he looked at each of them, grabbed a black marker and marked the larger ones (in my size) down to $10!

I thanked him and paid up before he could change his mind. I'm totally rocking these shoes by the way. I love the way they look and boy are they comfie but I love the price tag even more. I checked online and they run $60 retail.

How's that for a bargain?


Tania said...

wow that's a good deal! I've been wanting a pair of one of these sketchers for a long time now, but am not willing to cough up the money...great find!

Erin said...

That's awesome! My mom and I wanted the exact same style but in a tannish cream color and after looking everywhere for a better deal she finally broke down and paid 49$ for them at Penneys so she could take them to Jamaica with her! $10 is crazy cheap, you're so lucky!