Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fast Food Service

First some quick news! I registered Arwen today at the same school her brother attends!! I'm so very excited as they are in our county but outside our 'zone' so I had to wait until they knew their capacity to enroll her. I can't wait until she gets home to tell her, I know she will be as happy about this as I am!

Now on to the entry at hand.

My sister, Hailey, and I are polar opposites. In high school she was the flirty party girl, I was the book worm. She got pregnant very early (17), I got pregnant late (24). She doesn't plan, I do. She is always out and about, I'm a home body. There are things about us that clash, like the fact I no longer babysit for her because she never shows up when promised. But for all of our differences I love her, she is my sister of course.

She doesn't work and Craig (her fiance) only works from time to time for his parents. Yet they live in an expensive house they just remodeled and because they 'had to' bought a 2005 Lincoln Navigator just two weeks ago (they had to because their 2002 Ford Explorer was having mechanical issues). From my understanding Craig's parents are very well off and give him an 'allowance' of around 1500 dollars a month or more. I'm also under the understanding (ie, heard it thru the grapevine) that his Mom and Dad pay their rent. For the most part they spend their days sleeping in and when they finally get out driving around shopping or shooting the breeze.

Yesterday when they arrived to pick up my niece I had just cooked dinner. They arrived 4 hours late and I found out they'd decided to go out to eat before coming. As I cleared the table Hailey tried a ravioli I made. She told me how much she liked them and I told her it was inexpensive and I'd be more than happy to share her how to make it.

"How much is it?" Craig asked.

"I don't know, maybe 6-7 dollars for that huge serving? It will feed us for a few lunches still."

"Are you listening to this Hailey?" Craig teased. "You need to learn how to save money."

"Oh shut it!" Hailey laughed back and popped him gently on the arm.

"You know," he looked at Jimbo. "Since we didn't have our new stove yet we spent three months solid eating out. It got to the point where Wendy's knew what we wanted to order before we did."

"You're joking?" I looked up in shock. They had to be joking. Didn't they?

"No," Craig and Hailey laughed. "One guy that worked the night shift knew us and would laugh and ask if we wanted our usual."

I shook my head and the conversation drifted off on another topic. It must be nice to live so carefree and happy. But honestly, fast food for 3 months?? I think my body would start to smell and stink after all that fat I'd ingested for that long.

No wonder Zoe has such terrible stomach issues. Yikes.


Lawfrog said...

OMG, I'm grossed out just thinking about that.

And that whole allowance thing? WTF?? Whatever will Craig and Hailey do when Craig's parents die, which they are likely to do before Craig and Hailey? Sure, Craig might inherit, but you know they will run through any money in no time flat. Hope they don't come knocking on your door. Tell them they can live in their "just had to have it" range rover or whatever.

I'm off to climb in my 1999 paid for and much loved Mercury Tracer.