Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear 2 faced B*tch

Dear 2-Face,

I realize that you enjoy the world of MMORPG because it allows you the opportunity to become someone else. In this fantasy world you are not homely, your have men who think you are sweet and attractive and you consider yourself a "good" person. I'm glad the games you play behind a computer screen build you up so.

But have you considered your real life is shit because you play so much? That husband that treats you like shit that you complain about, maybe he treats you like that because you sit on your ass all day playing online and he knows as well as you know this is as good as it gets? Could it be that you realize your options are few and far and so you simply settle for what you get instead of getting a fucking clue and moving forward in your real life?

People like you make me physically ill. While I try not to judge others, for you, I'll make an exception. When you cross that fine line between starting shit with other people to make your life seem better and acting like the poor innocent victim, you hit my shit list and boy is your name right up on the top.

So to you I say this. I won't be playing FFXI forever. Soon my husband will feel tired of the drama and will want to leave. And when he does, all of these things no one will tell you but you so desperately need to hear I will impart.

So wait for it, it's coming. But bring some kleenex because a cleansing has begun.


Gonna Ream it down your Throat