Saturday, April 12, 2008

8 teens charged with beating 16 year old

I don't know how I missed THIS STORY. I was browsing my favorite 'guilty pleasure', Youtube, when I came across a VLOG about it.

The back story. The 16 year old female victim had been arguing and fighting with the girls on Myspace (the usual teenage drama, calling names, saying so and so is sleeping with so and so). The girls devised a plan to fight the girl and upload it afterward onto Youtube (I guessed they missed the memo that only idiots record crimes to share online). They lured her into a home under false pretenses and once inside proceeded to beat the hell out of her. At one point she was knocked unconscious and when she came to and tried to stand they started beating her again.

The thing that struck me, after I got past the shock of the sheer violence and homicidal nature of the teens who did the beating, was the response from a parent of one of the girls (Christina Garcia is the parents name). She appeared on the Today show to defend her daughter and said of the beating and of the victim:

"Don't waste your time on Myspace going back and forth talking, saying all these nasty things about people. I don't see why she would do that if she didn't have the nerve to back up what she was saying."

She also claimed on a radio show since her daughter didn't actually touch the victim and you couldn't even see her on the tape that she shouldn't be charged with any crime. She said the only thing her daughter did wrong was "not calling the police". She also likens the crime to a fight in the hallways of high school where all the people "crowding around to watch are accessories" and says it's no different and because of that her daughter should only be charged as an accessory.

This woman should NEVER have been allowed to procreate. I guess the phrase "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me" wasn't spoken inside her home. Parents like this make me sick. I know they are out there too. Don't just accept your child was in the wrong and say "I'm sorry". Instead say why someone else is at fault.

I seriously hope these girls are put in jail, charged as adults, with a maximum sentence. I don't care if they didn't actually even touch the girl. All of them played a part. This was premeditated so they knew what was coming, they could have made the choice to be somewhere else at the time this took place.

What does everyone else think about this? Have you heard about this in the news?


Lawfrog said...

I heard about this and am beyond disgusted at the parent who defended her daughter. I'm no expert on criminal law (it's not my field), but I would think a case could be made for this girl as an accessory. She knew what was going to happen and it occurred at the home she was staying in. Not calling the police, although morally wrong, may not factor into it since there is no legal obligation to do that as far as I know.

I could go on forever about this. Bullies and their ilk just make ME want to become homicidal and these parents who defend it? It's just too much.