Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My Grandmother is being moved to another hospital that is better equipped to care for her. I'm not sure what has went wrong and why she had taken a dip. I hope I get a call soon to tell me.

I cannot stand being tied down to the house. I want to go there and see her. My Mother in Law offered to babysit so I could go tonight so if she can have visitors I'm going to try (I was told by my Mom last night visitors are only a certain times, only in certain numbers, so I'm crossing my fingers). I'll probably take Arwen with us if we go. Momaw hasn't seen her in a while and I want to make sure they get to be together in the event something happens.

All of your well wishes and comments mean so much. Just when I feel like breaking down I see them and remember there are people thinking about her.


littlesunshine said...

Hang in there Jaime!!! Ny thoughts are with you and your grandma! ;)

X-Ray Geek said...

Good luck Jamie! I'm including you and your family in my prayers!

Erin said...

Hopefully you get to go see her and things start to look up!