Monday, April 21, 2008

Finish the Sentence

taken from Anne over at Bun in the Oven. Sassy as she is wonderful!

finish the sentence.

maybe i should finish the laundry.
i love the smell of Annabel's baby hair.
people would say that I'm a loyal friend.
i don’t understand why gas costs are so insane.
i lost my mind for a brief time.
life is chaotic but rewarding.
my past is my past, I cannot change it nor would I want to.
i get annoyed when confronted with idiots.

my idea of a good time going out for the night with Jimbo to shoot pool while the kids are safe and sound here with Mom.
i wish Annabel didn't have ezcema.
Twins look fun but I'm glad to have my singles.
Dust Bunnies make me sneeze.
tomorrow i’m going to enjoy my children and ignore the chores that can wait.
i have low tolerance for rudeness.
i’m totally terrified of evil people that do harm upon children.
i wonder why I can't seem to get healthy.
never in my life have i eaten indian food.
high school was terrible for me, I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.
when i’m nervous I chew on my lips and can't sit still.
one time at a family gathering I spilled coffee all over myself and had to borrow sweat pants from Uncle Jer to wear home.
take my advice: Live. Laugh. Love. Cherish.
Taking a good picture impresses me beyond belief.
i’m almost always thinking about one of my children.
i’m addicted to youtube.
i want someone to learn more about Neuroblastoma and/or Autism and donate.

Your Turn.