Saturday, April 12, 2008


Remember that little welt I'd mentioned I'd found in the hairline at my neck a week ago? Well it's been annoying as all hell to me. Then yesterday I noticed the muscle running from my hairline down to my neck (running downward from this welt) has been incredibly sore. So much so I started to favor it and wouldn't turn my head.

Today when I got up the pain had stretched even further down and my neck alternated between feeling warm and hot to itchy and painful. I immediately called my Mom, then my Mother in Law (who is a nurse). They asked me if I'd been under a lot of stress recently and when I said yes they were both pretty sure...

I have the fucking SHINGLES.

Why? Why can I not get a freaking break man? I'm in agony as I type this because I don't know what's going to happen. Annabel will not take baby foods or juice, she only wants the breast and this will mean I have to take some sort of medications (if it is in fact shingles).

I'm beginning to feel this is a test on my sanity. I've made this statement before and I'm sorry I can't find a better one but I don't know how much more of this I can take. It's bad enough this is physically and emotionally hard for me but Annabel is so allergic to foods that I can't offer her anything more than a bite at a time of stuff (she is terribly allergic to dairy, one bite of potatoes had her blistered up and her face swollen) and I'm absolutely horrified about taking her off the breast.

It's as if god parted the clouds and said, "Jaime, I hate you."


Lawfrog said...
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Lawfrog said...

I will pray that this is not shingles. When will you know for sure? HUGS and tons of "don't let it be shingles" vibes coming your way.

Also, you will likely still be able to breastfeed even if you do have shingles. Your little one should be protected by the maternal antibody to chicken pox that she would have acquired through the placenta while you were pregnant with her.

Even if that isn't the case, the worst that will happen is she will get chicken pox and in the grand scheme of things, that isn't so terrible although it certainly feels like it when your child has it:)

JAMIE said...

I think that if you have shingles or "think" you have shingles then you need to get into your doctor (or sincie it is Sunday to the ER) immediatley.
Shingles are quiet dangerous and highly contagious if I remember correctly.
My mother in-law had them and I remember it being quiet serious. I would get yourself in to see somebody ASAP and avoid your kids as much as possible in the mean time.
I hope it is not shingles. They are extremley painful and can last for a really long time
Go get it out and hopefully it is a scare.
Sorry that you feel so down.
Littlesunshine and I always remind each other that you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.

Jaime said...

Hey Lawfrog and Jamie,

My Mother and Mother in Law have both had the shingles before. My Moms said it could wait until Monday as the pain is bearable and that as long as I wash my hands and the blisters have yet to form (they haven't yet thankfully) that I don't have to worry about transmission.

Lawfrog, I hope it's not shingles too. What started out as a 'rash' of little tiny bumps turned into a strange welt in my hairline. I thought it was hormonal or something. Then after a couple of days it became really painful and the pain stretched down my neck, along the path of the muscle where the welt sits.

Then last night I noticed another small area that is the same on another part of my neck, toward the bottom.

I'll keep you all updated, as usual. I hope this isn't shingles too. I'll know for sure tomorrow after I see my doctor.

Thank you both **HUGS**

Anonymous said...

Aw Jaime... I hope it's not shingles. How horrible. **hug**