Sunday, April 27, 2008

What happened to me?

I've always been a tomboy. When I was a child I preferred G.I. Joes to Barbies, Cowboys and Indians to Dolls and playing war instead of playing house. I never wore dresses or skirts, hated wearing make-up and rebelled when I started growing breasts.

As time moved on I slowly embraced my feminine side but I retained old habits. I always wore blue jeans and make-up was always minimal. The two things I concentrated on were my nails and hair.

Recently however another person has emerged. Something is happening I NEVER imagined possible for me, starting with clothing. I finally purchased a skirt and liked it so much I bought another. After that I realized every girl needs a good pair of Spanx to rock skirts so I got a set. Shortly after this I purchased my first pair of heels and my attention then turned to make-up.

I knew it wasn't cheap but dear god, I never knew it was this expensive. I'd always bought my meager make-up in Wal-Mart since all of my skin care needs are purchased there as well. I use Neutrogena base, Physician's Formula blushes and powder and to cleanse I use J&J's Purpose soap and moisturizer. This has worked well for me over the years but admittedly, I never look like I'm wearing any make-up at all. It's natural taken to the extreme with me.

So lately I've been dibbling in eye shadows, eye liners, and brushes. I haven't made it to the foundations, concealers or bronzers just yet and it's a good thing because I can't afford the stuff I want right now. I've been watching tutorials for these amazing looks on Youtube and the products they use are outrageous.

M.A.C. stuff looks amazing. In each video I've watched this is usually the make-up of choice. I looked it up since I wanted to duplicate the looks and I literally could not believe my eyes. In order to recreate just one look I really liked I'd have to spend close to $300. Let me write that out, just to make sure you realize I didn't type that wrong - THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

That is just insane.
Ultimately I did some research and ordered some pigments online from another company in sample sizes. This way I can get an idea of what I like and order accordingly. I still want some of the M.A.C stuff and I hope to get a few things but it'll have to wait. I've read that if you make a purchase at the counter the representative will give you up to 3 samples of pigment. So if this is true I'll just pick up a few samples and buy something once per paycheck until I have the things I really want.

I've been living under a rock because I seriously never imagined how expensive it could be. I suppose I should have when you fork out $15 dollars for a bottle of their polish. Jeezus.


Lawfrog said...

It is shocking what can be spent on make-up. Like you, I was always a tomboy and still am to some degree. I'm all about the jeans and t-shirts. I wear make-up, but I buy it from Wal-Mart as well. I probably should buy one or two of the really good, expensive stuff and maybe I will someday.

It's a good idea to watch how to create looks on YouTube. I'll have to look that up.

Tania said...

That's too funny...I started this obsession recently too. Last week I was watching a whole bunch of tutorials online and correct ways to put on eyeshadows and which brush to use, etc. I finally got a two ended brush and a lot of eyeshadow, but that was at Target. I'm just like a kid in a candy store when I go into the MAC store, but I have yet to break open the wallet there!

Katherine said...

Ever since i was in high school and took my first make-up class, I love make-up. However, i think it's kind of a pain most of the time, so I don't usually wear anything. (Although now that I'm 30, it may be time to start re-thinking that.)
But when I use make-up, I use the good stuff.

The most important thing is to get good brushes and to take good care of them. They will last forever (I've had some almost 10 years), so you can stomach spending $30-$40 on a good one, since it lasts (or at least I can. And I only buy them one at a time.)

I like MAC, especially their eye color. I got a bunch for my wedding, because it was the same cost to buy the make-up and have the girl show me some techniques and get to keep the make-up as it was to hire a make-up artist for the day.

Since I don't wear make-up a lot, I always use a clean brush and keep mine longer than recommended. I even use Benefit's mascara that's a separate tube and brush so the brush never contaminates the product.

I love Sephora and am lucky enough to have 2 near me! Right now, I'm all about the Bare Escentuals makeup. Their brushes are fairly decent, not as good as MAC or Benefit, but the starter kit is a great deal. $60 for the skin prep, foundation, warmth (bronzer/blush and works as eye color), powder and the brushes. (

Other things I love: Benefit's Dr. Feelgood (goes under foundation) and Benetint

Lorac's foundation and powder (wonderful for oily skin)

Body Shop's tea tree oil mask and foaming cleanser (again for the oily/acne prone skin)

Bath and Body Works tinted mint lip glosses

Sephora's lipstick

Mary Kay's eyeliner, especially the black.

Ok, I'll stop now. I could go on all day.

Anonymous said...

I think with anything if it's expensive but you wear/use it... it's okay.

I have friends that by MAC literally by the shit load and never even wear it. It boggles my mind. And then they turn around and talk abtou how broke they are???

I have alot of MAC but I wear make-up everyday. So... I would say if you are in a place where you start using make-up everyday and it becomes a daily staple the price wouldn't bother you as much. And I don't spulrge on things like clothes/shoes so it sort of balances out. If you start liking everything expensive you could really get yourself into trouble.

You can always by one or two shadows and supplement some looks with less expensive liners and mascara. I thinkn starting small is wise until you find out if you're really going to like it. ;)

Jaime said...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for commenting, Lawfrog and Tania I don't feel so odd now lol. Katherine and Littlesunshine, thanks for the pointers!

I've decided to buy a couple of things. I'm getting the MAC Old Gold Pigment, Carbon and Naked Lunch first go round. Hopefully with a purchase of that size they will let me have some samples until next time.

As much money as I've forked out on polish I just honestly wasn't aware of how much MAC costs. I've worn some Lancome before and love it, I guess MAC is just more popular (and has a wider and 'wilder' array of color to choose from).

Jaime said...

Oh, on a side note, Tania since you are looking into brushes and such (like me) try here.

I haven't gotten mine in yet but the prices are great and Koren on Youtube says they are a great alternative as you buy MAC brushes to use!

If you want to know where I've been getting my pigments just let me know.

Katherine said...

I just got an email today that Sephora's perfect ten make-up brush set is on sale, $72 ($150 value).

Also, my favorite, funky eye shadow is NARS' Rated R. I can't find a decent link, but it's bright blue and lime green!