Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby girl born with 2 faces

I'm not posting a picture but rather a direct link to the story and to pictures HERE. I don't want to possibly upset anyone.

A little girl was born in India with two faces and is being worshipped as a reincarnated god. I'm not sure yet if she has one set of organs, one esophagus, or what problems she might face. I just find it a relief that she is being loved but at the same time concerned for her future.

I know things like this probably happen more often than we hear about but it's nonetheless amazing when it does hit the news.

**edited to add. I find all babies beautiful, irregardless of physical differences. However, when Jimbo came in to see the story as I pulled it up he quickly said, "Oh my GOD! I don't want to see that!" and rushed out. So proceed with caution if you even think it might bother you.


Lawfrog said...

I saw that headline today when I was on a break at work and clicked on it. WOW! It's fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

Erin said...

I saw that yesterday...I think it's great she's being loved, but I do think they're wrong in not getting her looked at further to make sure everything inside is okay. They say she drinks milk from both are both mouths going to one esophagus? If I were her parent I would want to know what we were facing for the future...but they live in a completely different country too and are obviously way more reliant on faith.

I think things like this are fascinating for some reason...