Monday, April 21, 2008

Feel the Bite, Bug Fright

I'm in pain. Annabel has started to bite me when she nurses. I knew it was coming. All of the children did this to me at some point BUT all of my children other than Miss Annabel lacked teeth until 1 year of age. I keep waiting for her to break the skin. It's hard to relax and let her nurse freely now because when I let my guard down and don't focus on her (rubbing her face or making eye contact) she bites down. She is too young to grasp "NO" very well and of course I'd never punish her physically. So I guess this is just a phase I'll have to grin and bear.

This season we have TONS of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. They are all over the house. I've killed at least 20 in the last week or so and they just keep coming in. That picture I took that looked like a dragonfly? I'm pretty sure it was one of the bloodsuckers in action.

Aside from being totally disgusting the bugs pose another issue. My children, especially Vincent, are terrified of them. Anytime Vincent spies a bug he will cry out in fear and come running to me, "BUG, BUGGG!" I feel badly as they got this from me I'm sure. I don't cope well with any type of insect or pest.

Otherwise this Monday has been pretty tame. The shingles are so gross though. They had begun to ooze, then dry and now they are doing both and the itch is unimaginable. I try to leave it alone but it's so hard. At least it's not so painful anymore.


Tania said...

I hope Annabel passes this phase quickly! I remember my mom putting neosporin on her nippies towards the end while breastfeeding my sisters. And I hope the shingles get over soon. My boss had them a few months ago. I think he said once you get chicken pox, you should get some vaccine so that you don't get the shingles. I should look into that! Feel better soon!

Joy said...

I have been enjoying your blog for a while... sorry, guess I am a lurker by nature.

I breastfed both of my children & my second was a bitter & a "strong willed" child. Someone gave me the wonderful suggestion to pull my baby into my breast when he bit... with his nose "burried" into my breast he couldn't breathe & would immediately let go. Sounds sort of harsh but it worked & he stopped after just a few times. But better yet, it didn't hurt no where near the same as him clenching down in fear or getting into a power struggle & allowed me to continue breastfeeding until we both were ready to stop! My first bit only a few times, I screammed "NO" out of instinct... he cried & immediately stopped but he is my sensitive one!

I recently received an email that listerine mouth wash was wonderful deterrant for mosiquitoes at a fraction of the cost. used in a spray bottle. Certainly safe & worth a try. As much as I would like to wait on the arrival of these pesky creatures, I can't wait to give this one a try.

Keep up the great job at blogging & I will try my best to make my presence known! :o)