Monday, April 21, 2008


There is one thing about women that drives me insane...their judgement of others. More specifically their judgement of other women, especially other Mothers. I'm not sure why some women feel the need to bash or belittle the choices or paths others take. Perhaps they are justified in some of their thoughts but oftentimes I question the necessity to say harsh, mean or downright nasty things to another person who is trying to live life the best way she can.

Case in point. I read each morning. Today there was an article about rising costs and asked for contributions for ways to save money. Intrigued, I decided to submit my own story and what do you know, within an hour it was up. The first couple of comments were supportive and I was excited about writing something that got over 500 hits in an hours time. But then it happened...

"My husband and I did not have a "date night" when we were young and raising children, and why rent a moving every week, again we actually SACRIFICED when our children were babies, I don't think i saw a movie until it came on tv for 6 years.....

thats what is wrong with young adults these days, you don't know what sacrfice is........"

I was a bit shocked as my entry was only meant to offer helpful hints to save here and there. I responded to this comment of course and tried to maintain my composure. This person wasn't satisfied however and went on to comment more, even going so far as to tell me:

"We lived on a budget and planned, we did the things that you are doing now, nothing you are doing is new, you are not this great mom because you can freeze, been there done that. "

I sat dumbfounded at first at this venom coming from this total stranger who was lashing out at me from an anonymous name on a news website. Why in the world did she feel the need to berate me when I only hoped to share what information I had with others?

I responded to her one last time and I figure if she responds again it's best just to let it all go. I just cannot fathom why some people receive so much pleasure from degrading others. It's beyond my capacity to understand and I suppose I should be glad of it.

You can read my entry HERE. If just so happen to speak up on my behalf please feel free but I'd like to ask that you not mention this blog there. I purposely left out all information concerning this venue and I'd prefer to keep it as such.


Tania said...

I read your post and the comments following it and, let me tell you, my blood was boiling as I read bornusa's comments! I'm a bit of a hothead, so....I registered and posted a response :/ I went off on her--I was so angry!!! I know people like her!

Jaime said...

Hey Tania ;)

I read your comment and it was so right on. You said all I wanted to say but couldn't formulate into words.

I don't understand still why someone would be so nasty. In fact, someone else posted an article and Bornnusa had to nerve to ask if it was 'necessary' for them to have more children instead of stopping at 2!

Talk about gall!

Kristin said...

God, internet idiots are everywhere. I'm sorry you had to read her ridiculous garbage about her martyrdom.

Tania said...

I bet she just goes on all these forums and tries to ruffle up the feathers everywhere she goes.

Lawfrog said...

That woman is clearly angry about the sacrifices she made. People who attack others in that way obviously have some deep issues with their own choices.

This isn't about you, it's about her own anger at herself for sacrificing too much. I'm guessing her children aren't "appreciative" enough in her mind, so she goes around martyring herself on message boards. It's really pathetic and sad.