Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not so much another day...

So much for the "Mornings" entry below!

I got ready to pick Vincent up at school. I was running maybe 3-5 minutes behind when I made my way with Annabel to the Van. I got her all buckled in, threw my purse into the passenger front seat, shut the door and ran to get in myself.

I popped in the key and turned...

Nothing. No click, no music from the stereo. The battery obviously dead as a doornail. Panicked I rushed inside for the truck keys in an attempt to jump the van off. I searched until I found them and ran to the truck. Then it hit me...I needed jumper cables.

I called Jimbo only to discover the cables are in the car...the car he drives to work.


I hurriedly called my Mother who rushed out of work to go get Vincent. Then I called the school to tell them about my battery. Poor little guy. He's going to be standing there, while his ride is over 30 minutes late for him.

I feel like such a bad Mother right now. Someone shoot me please.


JAMIE said...

You're NOT a bad mother.
Things happen and this was out of your control.
There is nothing else that could be done.
Cheer up ~ one small smudge in a "normal" day is going to happen every once in awhile.

littlesunshine said...

Oh... it happens. You're not a bad mom at all!!!

Jaime said...

Reading the entry I realize my guilt didn't come across correctly at all. I feel bad because I didn't prepare for a dead battery.

Usually I have jumper cables all at the ready, I felt so stupid and bad when I realized I was stuck at home.