Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Decisions

It was a hard decision for us. We had to make the choice to send Logan to Kindergarten or to keep him where he is. He's right on the line and ultimately we had to choose if we feel he is 'ready' yet to move forward.

A huge part of the problem is not only the autism but also his youth. He would be a very young Kindergartener at only 5 years old (he will turn 5 during the year). But if we didn't place him there this year he will be an older one next year.

In the end the teachers, Jimbo and I think he would best benefit best from one last year in his class. It's going to be hard, he will be the oldest in the group now and we worry he will fall behind without that challenge from older children. So instead of taking cues from those around him, he will be the leader and it stinks in a way because it means he will get the required work but not that stimulation he's experienced these last two years.

I'm glad he's come so far, and I'm not stupid or selfish enough to dare want for more. Hopefully this last year will see him ready to take that next step in 2009. Of all my children, Logan never ceases to amaze me. He truly is my wonder boy.