Friday, April 25, 2008

Feeling the Pinch

Prices have been going up for some time now but honestly I'd just tried to continue on, business as usual. Sadly, I'm not going to be able to continue on in wonderland, thinking happy thoughts about a upward shift in the economy.

Last night I talked to Jimbo about ways to start cutting corners. With the rising gas costs alone (and from what I hear, it's only going to get worse) we have to prepare a counter offensive.

The thing that really bothers me are the people out there much worse off than we are. I just don't know how they do it and will be able to continue to do it. I'm talking about the girl in Wal-Mart who told me about working late shifts for extra cash only to put half into her car tank to get back and forth to work. I understand her frustration as I wanted to get a part-time weekend job myself but gave the idea up when I realized I'd barely break even after transportation costs.

I've been thinking about selling off Vincent's clothing he's outgrown on ebay. He has some really nice stuff that is very gently worn. Usually I sent that along to the Women's and Children's Ranch in the area, maybe I still will. I don't know.

I hope something shifts here soon. That little economy stimulus package the government is sending out won't be doing any stimulating anytime soon. We've already decided it's going into savings for christmas. The rest will be used as all of our money is - for bills.


Tania said...

weird...i was going to post something about this very subject. i find myself not eating nearly as much fruit and vegetables as i used to because they got so expensive! and it now costs me over $40 to fill up our used to be just $30!! no suvs for this girl!

Jaime said...

LOL Tania!

You know, after I wrote this I started to feel really bad because recently Jimbo purchased that ring for me.

I realize you can't 'not' do for yourself all of the time but I realized if I really want to change I have to cut out the little stuff.

I've been very good lately, even avoiding my favorite things *cough*fingernails*cough*

Spook, RN said...
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Spook, RN said...


That whole "economic stiimulus package" deal is utter BS.

Just think about it:
Where does the government "get" the 'stimulus' money from? Remember, government has no money of it's own -- Either it comes from your taxes or the government borrows it (which means it comes out of the taxes your children will pay when they grow up).

The notion that this idiotic plan was actually going to be beneficial would have been hilarious were it not for the fact that it's lengthening the recession and making it all that more difficult to turn things around.

TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

Would you run your household the way the government runs the economy?

Shameful, don't you think?
And who suffers? Folks like you and me - honest tax payers.

Sometimes I think whores get better treatment from the government than taxpayers...

Sorry for the profanity. Just mad about seeing my sweat and toil just vaporise paycheck after paycheck with not a thimble of good to show for it....