Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barbershop Rocks!

I've seen the shop many times during my trips to the drugstore and today I decided to take a chance. I walked Vincent inside and told the barber I needed a cut for him. To my delight Vincent was a total angel. He didn't cry or fuss and his hair looks so much better. (I'm sure it has to feel better too)

For all of the boy's future haircare needs this is the place I'm using and since his hair clippers had this little vacuum
attachment the hair didn't fall all over Vincent's face. It was so much better than the last time I took him in for a trim.

I'm also pretty excited about a recent closet find of mine. Several months ago my aunt told me she was packing up stuff to give to the Good Will. She had shoes, purses and some clothing and asked me if I wanted to take a look at what she had. Since she usually has very nice things I asked for dibs on the purses and she handed them over. Unfortunately it was around Christmas and I wound up putting the bag into the closet and totally forgot about it...until today!

I found this gorgeous leather Dooney and Bourke doctor's satchel inside. This purse is so nice and better still, it's FREE. I need to ask her when she's purging her closet again!


Tania said...

oooh!! I'm jealous! What a great find!

JAMIE said...

I agree with going to the barbers. I started taking l'il E there when he was around a year old. Now we go every couple months to the same place. L'il E loves it because it makes him feel like a big kid plus as soon as he walks in all the barbers stop talking and listen to l'il E ramble on.
It ends up being a haircut and an experience all in one.
Plus I have never had to fight to cut back his hair. He LOVES going to the barbers.
Nice purse as well..even better it was free :)

Jaime said...

Hey ;)

I think I might pass this purse along to my Mother in Law. As much as I like it she's been saying she needs a good purse.

Of course, if she doesn't like it, it's ON! LOL I love a good bargain, I'm a k-mart/wal-mart purse person normally (when I'm not lugging a diaper bag).