Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lock Down

My children walk over me. My husband knows it, my family knows it, I know it. They listen to me only after I've asked something several times or I've finally reached my breaking point. I've decided this is no longer acceptable. They have to listen to me the first time, no more repeating myself over and over.

Today as nap time approached I told Vincent, "it's time to nap!"

"NO!" he answered back.

"Vincent, I said it's time for nap."

"NO!" he looked at me and appeared to grin. I realized that as usual he thought it was a game. After all, Mom always gives multiple chances.

"Vincent, it's time for nap!" I said it firmly so he wouldn't mistake my tone.

"NO!" he yelled back, still grinning.

I walked over to him, lifted his tiny bootie and gave a soft thwack! Immediately tears welled up and he began to squall like I'd put a cow prod to him. He jumped up and began running up the stairs, all the while crying.

As we rounded the corner he threw himself into the floor, I asked him to go nap and he kept crying so I asked again. When he didn't move I gently popped his rear again and he wailed even louder before getting up and taking those final stairs to his room.

As I tucked him into bed and changed his clothes (we'd washed the van so he was a tad wet) his tears were all but dry. I told him I loved him and he had to start listening to me. He asked about Logan (he always does at nap time, asking "where's logan at?") and I told him he was at school and he settled into bed just fine.

I hate being mean but I have a feeling it's better to lock down now versus later.