Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Being a Woman

Being a woman is hard. Sometimes being a daughter, sister and wife is make it harder. And sometimes being a Mother makes it hardest. But no matter the combination, our days are always full, always busy, always the same yet somehow always different.

We are expected to be funny, pretty, committed, faithful, honest, dedicated, loving and kind. We are not allowed bad days because we are the ones who keep others afloat. We place our own needs aside in order to better care for those we love around us. We put ourselves at the end of the to-do list because there usually isn't enough time in one day to take care of the world and ourselves at the same time.

I don't think many women even realize the extent of their devotion to those around them. I know I didn't until I needed to care for myself. I'm always so willing to do anything and everything for my family yet when I'm the one in need I can so easily write it off for tomorrow.


Lawfrog said...

So true! I personally believe selfishness gets a bad rap so I'm going to start being selfish and see how that goes;)

Erin said...

As you know I've had a rough time with this right now. Thanks for posting this, it's so true :)