Monday, May 5, 2008

Hard to Relate

It's hard to relate to you.

I don't get an allotment of money each and every month from my boyfriend's parents to pay my bills. Instead my husband works hard and brings home a certain amount of money each month and that is all we have to get by.

I can't drive a brand new Lincoln Navigator. We can't afford the price tag and certainly cannot afford the costs of gas. 12 miles to the gallon is absolutely ridiculous and no matter how you try to spin it, you do not "have" to have that vehicle which is one of the reasons gas continues to be sparse.

I can't go out of town each month (or several times each month). We simply don't have the money and honestly it's not something we'd force upon our children. We have schedules and school to be concerned about.

I can't go out to eat or go out to shoot pool each weekend. We have our children most of the time and again our budget won't allow for it.

When I talk to you and you tell me you know how "tight" money is and how "hard" it is to save I inwardly laugh to myself because you have no clue. None. You have no idea what it means to do without.

My family is taking our first mini-trip/vacation together at the end of the month. We'd hoped to see Disney but that will have to wait. We realize of course we are lucky to just have this trip so we are grateful. So when I told you about this and you invited yourself and your family and I sat in silence what I really wanted to tell you is this...


No, you are not coming with us.

You see, we've had to truly sacrifice and work toward this trip. We, unlike yourself, cannot just up and go whenever the whim strikes. We have things like work, school and unfortunately money to work into the equation. And while you say you understand how tight money is the mere fact that you ask to go on this trip only 3 weeks ahead of time attests to the truth that you quite honestly have no idea. None at all.

It's so hard to relate to you. For your sake I hope you never have to relate to me, especially if you think you have it bad now.