Monday, May 12, 2008

Skimpy Prom Dress = Teen in Cuffs

I just saw this on A girl showed up to her prom in a barely there dress. When she arrived some of the school faculty told her she had to leave as the dress violated school dress codes. She argued, demanding her money back for her ticket since she couldn't go inside.

Then someone called the police.

I'm all for freedom of expression but what was this girl thinking? The dress isn't really a dress. It's a skirt with some strips of cloth crossing over her breasts. I won't even go into how short the skirt is as that seems to be the 'style' now.

What do you all think? Head over HERE to read the story and to view actual video of the girl wearing the dress. I'm curious if you'd let your own child go to her prom in a dress like this. Better still, would you help her pay for a custom dress like this one?


Since I've gotten so many hits in regard to the story about the girl in a skimpy prom dress who was ultimately taken away in cuffs I felt I should write my feelings on the matter.

I have two girls who will hopefully attend prom in the future. I will help them pick the dress of their dreams. I will encourage them to be unique and to embrace their own individual style. But if they come to me and ask to wear a two piece ensemble, with barely there straps covering their breasts and little else? I will flatly refuse and then ask her what in the world she is thinking.

I wonder where this girls parents were. Did they approve this dress? Perhaps she has a job and paid for it herself but didn't they do the normal parent thing and take pictures as she left the house? If not I have to ponder if deep down she didn't know her parents wouldn't approve and therefore kept it from them. But if you look closely at the video, she has a large tattoo on her chest as well as a tongue piercing so who knows what the deal is with her parental units.

I personally think if she felt the dress was appropriate, talking to faculty and staff in an adult tone instead of throwing a tantrum might have been the smart thing to do. Maybe then she could have changed, put on a coat, or did something else to at least join her classmates at the prom. I can't believe she didn't have some sort of back up plan in the event she couldn't wear the dress. She had to have known this sort of "custom" dress might cause a tizzy...with a dress like that you have to question if that wasn't her intention all along.

I remember toward the end of my senior year we all began to get antsy and challenged the rules. We were each so close to that graduation day and it was easy to think we could get away with just about anything. After all, we were about to enter the world as adults. Of course, as an adult now, I realize it's not just as simple as choices and actions.

Hopefully this has taught her that even adults have to adhere to rules and respect those around them. If she caused a scene terrible enough to have someone call the police, it must have gotten out of hand. I don't believe for a moment they called the police to report a bathing suit.


Katherine said...

Good for the school for not allowing her in. Even when I was a Senior, 12 years ago, there was a contract from the school that my parents and I had to sign in order for me to be allowed to go. It had at least a half page devoted to dress code. I would think that the dress code has only gotten more detailed in 12 years.

I know ours had a "if you violate these rules, you'll be kicked out/not allowed in and we're keeping your $$" disclaimer, which I'm sure is standard form for school dances, especially these days.

It sucks that she was arrested, but it sounds like it was her own damn fault, and maybe that of her parents too.

Erin said...

Uh can we saw EW? I think she got what she deserved. Talk about HORRIBLE judgement! I'd say the only place for a dress like that is a strip joint.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the dress for a minute. She got a valuable lesson.

How did get the idea that she has a right to make a scene on private property and not leave when asked?

News flash little girl, second request is trespassing. Getting loud and trying to bully people by making a scene may work at school. In the real world it has consequences.

She has received a very important lesson. Hopefully she will learn from it.

RC said...

I just heard about this on the radio, and had to come looking for pictures to judge for myself, and then landed on your blog.

Scary. That is all I can say.

I'm curious as to how it escalated to handcuffs, but do agree that she shouldn't have been allowed into prom. Now if they were having a beach party...

As the mom to a little boy, it scares me to think this is how young ladies are dressing. I want my son to respect women as he grows older - this outfit screams that the lady (and I use that term loosely) wearing it wants to be used, and that her body is all she wants others to see.

Where are the parents?

Lawfrog said...

Why is everyone in my town (Houston) so weird?;)

It was ridiculous for that girl to think this was in any way appropriate. That was not even a dress really.