Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ok, I see what the fuss is about. I finally got my hands on some MAC pigments and I'm in LOVE. They are so pigmented and gorgeous.

Last night I did a vibrant green look. It was funny because my eyes were shimmering in the movie theater lighting while we were waiting to see the new Indiana Jones. Jimbo kept staring at me (in a good way).

I snapped a few pictures. I'm not good at taking ones of my eyes though, so bear with me. I have one blurry and one sharp so you can see the shimmers.

*got my pigments HERE. A wonderful shop Emilee specializes in rare and hard to find pigments. It's a great way to test out MAC products before taking the plunge!


Lawfrog said...

Wow, that is really beautiful!

raecatherine said...

wow! gutsy. i have brown eyes, so i feel like i can't really pull off colours other than the usual brown, pink, violet shades....but this is giving me a little courage. =)

Tania said...

yuummmmm!! Funny, I just caved today and purchased some MAC eyeshadow and some brushes! Nothing too exciting, just some neutral colors, but I was eyeing that pigment as well as their green eyeshadow!

Jaime said...

Thanks ladies! ;)

I'm relieved you all seem to like it, I was a bit worried as it was a bit dramatic.

Just so you all know, I have pigment samples. I didn't buy any of the actual sized ones because I wanted to try them out first (at a fraction of the cost). I bought mine at:

Tania said...

Have you heard of Rocks! Sonic Eyes? I just found it when googling eyeshadows. They look comparable to MAC pigments, but waaay cheaper! I'm tempted to try them out....

Jaime said...

Hey Tania ;)

No I haven't but I can tell you about one place I love that is cheaper and the pigments are gorgeous!

I will take a look though, thanks for sharing!