Monday, May 26, 2008

Living Lohan

Tonight I tuned in to Denise Richard's new E! show, "It's Complicated". It was decent enough and I'll probably tune in next week.

Directly following it was the series, "Living Lohan" that follows Lindsay Lohan's Mom Dina and sister Ali. I decided to give it a shot and found myself more than once looking at Jimbo and saying, "what the fuck?"

From my understanding the premise of the series is supposed to revolve around 14 year old Ali and her dreams of becoming...famous...for a lack of a better word. But instead I was treated to Dina reading as much tabloid fodder as she could get her claws on and then contacting the publishers demanding it be removed or "you'll hear from my attorney".

For someone who claims she wants to protect her children, what the hell is she thinking allowing her 14 year old daughter to enter the spotlight. She already has watched her oldest enter into rehab, her every move captured on camera. Is that really what she wants for Ali? You can't complain one minute when Lindsay has bad press, "Ali and Cody (her youngest son) go to school, they have to deal with this", only to turn around the next minute and talk about your 14 year old being an artist and recording her own album.

That's the thing about being a parent. We are the ones versed in the world and because of it we have to tell our children no sometimes. Not because we want to hold them back but because it's for their own good. If they still want to do things when they are older then they can. But a good parent sets boundaries. A 14 year old is in no position to know exactly what is is they do and don't want and they certainly are not mature enough to make huge decisions in life.

This woman seriously needs to get her shit together.


Lawfrog said...

A big, huge, gigantic AMEN to this!