Friday, May 16, 2008

Mapping it Out

I'm stressed and for the first time it's not revolving around my health. Instead the focus of my worries is the upcoming summer with all of my children.

Saying it's hard to be the lone adult versus 4 rambunctious children is a understatement. It's like a rotating spin wheel and each of them take turns deciding my fate.

"I need a drink."

"I need to potty."

"I'm hungry."

And then there is the normal sibling bickering.

"Vincent pushed me!"

"Logan took my toy!"

"Arwen won't share!"

I've decided to sit down and create a firm schedule for them. The one thing I've learned with children is a set schedule keeps things smooth. Children need a routine, it calms them and helps them feel in control. I've been thinking also of different activities, including trips to the park maybe 1-2 times per week (with rising gas costs we cannot afford more of them). Maybe we can finally get a swing set for them this year as well.

I hope I survive.


littlesunshine said...

If you can keep them busy that will will be your saving grace. I think a swing set sounds like a fabulous idea. Sand boxes are inexpensive and GREAT fun too. ;) You'll do great, hang in tehre!

Lawfrog said...

God bless you, seriously. Any chance you could afford to enroll them in day camp or something?

That was my saving grace when I had my nephew for three weeks.