Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't I know You?

I haven't seen her in years but I knew who she was the minute I looked up. She was pushing a stroller and it was about to bump into my cart which had Vincent and Annabel inside. I immediately decided to play stupid and act as if she was no more than a stranger. I smiled down at the two children in the stroller, one maybe 18 months and the other younger than Annabel. The older child smiled back while the younger slept.

"What cute babies." I said softly before turning back to Vincent as he helped me pick out Mother's Day cards for his Mimi and Gran.

When we'd finished she was still standing to my left. I rounded the cart up and as I made it to the corner I nearly bumped into her husband who was now carrying the older child in his arms. She smiled at me again and I smiled back saying, "what a pretty baby" to which Vincent agreed, "Baby!"

As we hurried off and I turned the corner I noticed Miranda staring at me. She knew who I was, I'm almost 100% positive. Maybe I could have said something to her but what do you say to the woman who was previously married to your husband? The woman who cheated on him with one of his best friends (a groomsman at their wedding no less) only to have the gall to expect him to not only take her back but to do so under the terms that she couldn't promise it wouldn't happen again.

The last time I'd seen her I was in Wal-Mart with Jimbo. Arwen was a baby at the time and Miranda and Josh were still working out their issues. Josh had come to our home a few months prior to apologize to Jimbo but of course the damage was done by then. And while Jimbo thanked him for what he did (or we'd not be together, with our child) he would never speak to him or be friends with him again.

So that day when we saw her we just kept walking. There was no need to talk. Only she got angry and called Jimbo after to tell him that it was tasteless for him to 'date a woman that looks like me!' (we look nothing alike by the way) to which Jimbo replied, "don't you dare insult my wife like that!" They never spoke again after that day, which was fine by me. Still, I'm sure she remembered me, which brings me back to today.

The young baby in the stroller was her own. The older child was from fostering. I'd heard she kept trying to conceive after she and Josh married a few years back but continued to miscarry. So they got into fostering instead. I figure it was karma's way of repaying her statements to my husband after her affair, telling him when he refused to work it out with her that he would never have a family, a wife or children. That he was infertile and worthless. It was only fitting that he would start his family first and hers second.

It was strange walking out the doors of Wal-Mart today. What do you say really to someone like her? I'm pretty sure she was wondering the exact same about me.