Monday, May 5, 2008

That's what I thought

You want me to get the biopsy. You want me to have that surgery now you say. I can't wait you say.

"You can't let stuff like that wait, you need to do it now. What does your doctor say? You need to have that done!"

So I responded with the only thing I could. The most blunt thing, the most honest.

"Who is going to take care of me at home while I recover Mom? Jimbo doesn't have the time, neither does his Mom. Are YOU going to do it? Are YOU going to come up here and take time off of work?"

"Uhhh...well...we'll just have to work around it, you know...all of us...even your Father.........."

That's what I thought.


Katherine said...

I totally get what you're saying and would feel the same way in your shoes, but who's going to take care of everyone if, (God forbid), it's something really bad and early treatment would reduce the effects?

I just read this today,

and forwarded it to my mom who refuses to get a colonoscopy or mammogram.

You've got to take care of yourself for your family.

Jaime said...


The problem is, we really don't have anytime to do this right now. We simply don't.

School isn't over until the end of the month, Jimbo has meetings he cannot miss this week and next (or he could lose his job and there goes insurance) and his Mom took off time for my last surgery so we don't have time either.

As much as I need to get this done there is just no way possible. It sucks but it's just how it is.

I'll get it done next month when Jimbo has accumulated a sick day. As it stands he's upset he might not be able to be at the hospital when I have the surgery itself.

Medical things are never fun, especially when you've been as sick as I have and have already burned so much time. I just wish my Mom would take off time to actually help. I guarantee you she'd have the time to take off if I had to take the kids to the doctor, to have pictures taken, or anything else.